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Shenzhen concerted efforts to develop "second Five-Year" plan
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"Twelve Five" period will seize the opportunity in Shenzhen, scientific development and create a brilliant 30-year critical period. Preparation for scientific economic and social development of Shenzhen City, "second five" master plan, the recent airing of the municipal government Huizhong intellectual, Municipal People's Congress in-depth research Xianliang Ce Municipal Political Consultative Conference, the public Internet was built both critical and enthusiastic people to "second five" as the theme The concerto is the city played.

Advanced "think tank" for the preparation of "second Five-Year" plan to provide support

Shenzhen, a new position in the country given the new tasks of the new era, before reaching the re-start of Shenzhen, to formulate the "second Five-Year" plan. To this end, the city set up a "second five" leading group for planning, for planning a comprehensive deployment. Meanwhile, Shenzhen invited to the State Council Development Research Center, the National Development and Reform Commission and the National Institutes of multiple high-level macro-economic research institutions, macroeconomic developments in Shenzhen and the strategies Trend Analysis 15, "second five" major premise planning study on the topic . These 15 topics is expected to be completed in October, the findings will contribute to the "second five" plan to reach a consensus on major issues involved, and enhance the scientific planning.

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Brainstorming to encourage community involvement throughout the preparation of planning "second Five-Year"

September 25, Mayor Xu Qin, Shenzhen City in Beijing for the national economic and social development strategy Expert Committee issued a certificate of appointment. Important from the national ministries, research institutions, the central business experts and scholars around the same day in the employment of independent innovation, industrial systems, regional cooperation, reform and opening up, social aspects of the construction of 10 issues for Shenzhen "second Five-Year" period and the development of the next 30 years offer advice and suggestions, published insights. High profile "think tank" "think tank" of the advice and suggestions to Shenzhen, "second Five-Year" plan for the preparation of a more global perspective and global vision.

A scientific planning, the preparation of the community can not do without the wisdom and strength. To the city of Shenzhen Municipal People's Congress were also the city CPPCC reported "five-second" planning ideas, solicit NPC deputies and CPPCC members of the planning comments and suggestions. To enable the public is also actively involved in the "second five" up planning, the city government is still "the Shenzhen Government Online" Web site home page set to the "second Five-Year" plan column to facilitate public access to relevant content, comments suggestions.

Municipal People's Congress representatives Municipal CPPCC members actively suggestions

September 27, the city CPPCC held a scientific establishment "Twelve Five" plan will feature government. At the meeting, in addition to seven of the IPCC's presentations, the members have in the impromptu speech in the "grab" the microphone, competing views. Tang Jie, deputy mayor listened carefully recorded in a total of more than an hour down 65 recommendations. He said members must make the most on the future development of Shenzhen, the most important ideological core is reflected in the "second Five-Year" plan.

From August this year, beginning Municipal People's Congress, Municipal CPPCC to for the "second Five Year Plan" to develop a lot of work. Shenzhen Municipal People's Congress held a "second Five-Year" plan forum, convened Municipal People's Congress made the basic ideas of planning recommendations and advice. Meanwhile, the Municipal Standing Committee also organized a series of research activities, has completed the port of Shenzhen's "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" research, carried out in other research in the succession. In order to listen to public opinion, the city on behalf of the Standing Committee will also select the focal points of 10, presided over by the deputies counterparts, and community residents to discuss "second five" vital interests of the people involved in planning issues.

In addition to topics outside the government, municipalities have also organized the CPPCC National Committee members to the zone of the former sea, culture, sports and tourism, education and other fields of the "second Five-Year" plan research, collect CPPCC members have views on planning related fields and recommendations. Meanwhile, the Municipal Political Consultative Conference also online government seek the public on the "second Five Year Plan" comments and suggestions.

According to the relevant program of work, the city People's Congress, Municipal CPPCC will continue to study through the inspection, discussion seminars, to collect public opinions and suggestions such as "combined" for Shenzhen "second Five Year Plan" proposed to develop a targeted and proactive proposals for the development of Shenzhen, Xian Zhi suggestions.