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Self-help of optimal mid-autumn Shenzhen swims circuit
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The first day: Enter Shenzhen via the freeway -- seaside highway or boreal annulus road -- size Mei Sha (between Shan Bihai of dark green of roc bay bank, appreciate Shenzhen seaside view) -- saline seafood eats street lunch (sample seafood big eat) -- city of overseas Chinese of the eastpart part (SPA of travel of market modes of life and relation to their environment, outdoors motion, mineral spring, act art, cate, shop the zoology of large hilly area that is equal to an organic whole goes vacationing
The following day: Dam is smooth (be far from city hubbub, the littoral a haven of peace in escape fall asleep) -- red bayberry hole (the beach with Shenzhen best sandiness) -- roc place city (the bright generation with be saved better is street pattern and building style and features) -- head seafood market (select sea product, seafood of type of experience another name for Guangdong Province is big archives) or farmhouse is happy (farmhouse small courtyard can give you the surprise that expect is less than between chain of mountains) -- walk along high speed of machine carry on one's shoulder to turn to Long Gang via Kui Chong other freeway

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