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Self-help of phoenix ancient city swims
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(one) phoenix Gu Cheng divides great respect area:

Area of ancient city situation:
Limits is a center with Gu Cheng, level ground of city of Dong Zhihong bridge, Na Zhiyan head, Xi Zhichi pond, north comes river of a small bay in a river, area 1 square kilometer, it is phoenix today ancient building is most, the most flourishing area, also be phoenix county " heart " place. Gu Cheng has history of more than 1000 years, formed many famous places and historical sites. It is here " Guizhou Hunan is guttural " , strategic position is significant, it is borderland town of military importance all the time. After quiet period middle period permanent " by the side of the town " , " quarter margin " , " peaceful edge " stratocracy high-ranking official, article machinator dogs and come, person of coquettish of Chinese ink guest also searchs mark and come. Subsequently, go in for sth in a large scale building. Each building all without exception designs upturned eaves of elegant, dougong, model coloured drawing or pattern of Long Diao phoenix, gold lacquer. And the need as a result of gubernatorial strategy, the temple ancestral temple of phoenix is especially more than different ground. And center Yu Gucheng for the most part. So Gu Cheng has " brilliant hall " say. Gu Cheng is to take enchanting green hill, half Athens city. Scene admires the whole Gu Cheng of beautiful nature very much.

South area of Mount Hua scene:
Whole situation area, layer hill is folded emerald green, forest green basket, face criterion mist basket blueness, dusk criterion setting sun coagulates violet, rain comes splash-ink, smoke comes loose basket gauze, weak makeup thick, fine rain all appropriate. Scene area bag is contained " Na Hua is folded emerald green " , " Lan Jingqiao song " , " bell of hill temple morning " 3 great respect. Anyhow, area of Mount Hua scene is south: Layer forest road circles, snail hair worn in a bun or coil has emerald green hill, fine rain is appropriate, fine admire color kind.

Area of sanded bay scene:
The center of scene area is Sha Wan. Include the 5 big landscape with 8 great medium in former days respect: Dong Ling is greeted sunshine, tall and graceful of month of night of bridge of Ge Huitao of lights on fishing boat of dragon pool cook a meal, Buddhist, brook, strange peak, element has " Lang Yuan " say. Here, bend green water, all around green hill, hut, house, temple, temple; Booth, stage, building, cabinet is dotted, classic with modern building thrust deep into the enemy forces cooperates, having a unique style. Lubricious green Cang Yu washs hill not to go, bird sound mild and indirect delivers along with wind.

Area of scene of strange bridge hole:
Be apart from 5 kilometers of county. Have the distinguishing feature of strange, beautiful, deep and remote, high. The peak cluster valley that belongs to corrosion to give priority to a type, gu Jinji observes dissolve scope of activity at one hole.
Area of situation of ancient city of yellowish filament bridge:
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