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3 gorge self-help swims cost budget
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D1 You Yichang comes by boat Ba Dong, slow ship requires 6 hours. Steerage about 45 yuan / person, buy medicinal powder banquet can. Spend 5 yuan of Qian Ke to sit again fore rests Xi Ling gorge looks inside cabin. Arrive after Ba Dong, have the class boat that goes earthing up stone directly. Daily early, 10 yuan / person. If cannot catch up with this boat, can include a ship together with the person only. The size according to the boat 300 differ to 500 yuan, the person compares be to one's profit more. The shipowner that we wrap makes grow homeward, connect a telephone call 13986844893. The journey restricts 3 many hours, nocturnal constellation earths up Shi Xincheng. Go ashore hind needs road of 2.5 kilometers hill to arrive on hill. New city has probably 20 other peoples, can eat. We live in get together guest inn, the boss calls Ren Dagui, phone 023-57517056. It is OK that the condition is returned over there, more capacious, can bathe. Have two the world and 3 worlds, bed 8 yuan / person. What place has is very cheap also, come down on average meal 5 yuan / person. 023-57517075 of phone of sail flourish cafeteria. Travel busy season, the steamer ticket of Yichang harbor is bought harder, answer to prepare early. 0718-4222710 of phone of Yichang harbor control room, 0718-4222196 of phone of box office box office.

D2 Cong Peishi grows about 15 kilometers to bluestone, early 6: 00 set out, 4 hours can be pressed down to bluestone. Bramble of this paragraphs of road is densely covered, go relatively hard, need prepares glove and scissors. The proposal wears long sleeve dress, the long person that send needs to wear a hat. Road surface is narrower, the narrowest place is insufficient one feet, hole is much, have few points coast, rake is bigger. Some a section of a highway do not have bush, can see cliff and river face directly, still having both sides of a paragraph of road is cliff, need is careful all the more. Bluestone has ten families. Because stand by goddess peak and goddess brook, give priority to with tourism. Hear in travel busy season, one day holds 500 people at most (the person that include camp) . River side clearing can pitch tent. What place becames famous quite is Home Song Qinggui, there is many 10 tent over platform, rest for the tourist only. Eat opposite better, have hot water shower bath. After nevertheless travel company is sponsorred, had commercialized completely, eat 25 yuan / person. Fellow-townsman home also has redundant bed to offer a guest commonly, some are pallet but the price is cheap also. Afternoon but pedestrian go goddess brook, be apart from a village 15 kilometers, end to view scene stage. Among them ford of a paragraph of need, go harder, require 3 many hours back and forth. If have fun at, can have ferried stage of Jiang Dengguan scene, ferry 2 yuan / person. Have 1600 class steps leading up to a house to the summit, above inhabited with observation signal, can live on hill. Morrow rises early see sunrise, but it is OK to should assure to drive goddess peak to in time ability, do not stay in the pass the night on hill otherwise.
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