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Self-help of bound of Hunan Zhang Jia swims guideline
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The first day: In the morning 08: 00 the left and right sides sets out from city of Home Zhang group park of forest of state of Home Zhang group (from Zhang Jia the bound goes to silvan park 32 kilometers control distance, time requires 1 many hours, in having inside the urban district cling to, Xiaoba is headed for, fare is 5 yuan commonly, 10 yuan. )

Home Zhang group is the most dazzling bright phearl in landscape of fierce hill source, so-called have " strange peak 3000, beautiful water 800 place " . Qing Bo can be viewed and admire to ripple first after entering hill, the show of golden whip brook with shady greenery is lubricious, eagle of cliff of cliff of whip seeing gold, husband and wife, god protects the beautiful view such as whip (time needs the left and right sides 2 hours about) . Can be in lunch in old black bay subsequently, make a bit after lunch small rest to be able to climb mountain peak of famous yellow Shi Zhai (ascend a top to need the left and right sides 2 hours on foot, yi Ke is multiplied telpher go up 45 yuan, be issued to lower levels 35 yuan, couplet ticket 75 yuan) , hill tall cliff is steep, the peak has the station of the biggest weather of be high up in the air in area of scene of Home Zhang group very, tourist ascends overlook of this look as far as one can, fierce hill source 10 thousand water of 1000 hill marvellous spectacle is strong scene in all receiving a key point (time needs the left and right sides 1 hour about) .

Downhill path answers the edge to be able to watch arhat to greet needle of turn one's head of guest, male lion, calm Nereus, Na Tianyi all right the landscape such as sea of explore of small box of treasure of column, a book from heaven, tortoise. Can go subsequently arenaceous knife channel is viewed and admire " the world the first bridge " (time needs 1 half hours or so about) , can walk next or equestrian and downhill (equestrian charge is discussed additionally) , view and admire the tourist attraction such as the stage that confuse fetch by the way.

The water to the side of golden whip brook circles 4 place accommodation finally, incidentally but herein visits Zhang Liang grave. "Water circles 4 " place have hotel of 3 dragon, 5 dragon, belong to 2 stars class, price mark room is controlled in 120 yuan, gu Hanshan village is the astral class hotel with first-class equipment, the minimum price between mark is 388/ , upgrade goes to still have 78 hotel, but major room does not have air conditioning (have electric fan) , without towel, hot water in a limited time supply. It is between mark 200, 300 yuan differ (but bargain)

The following day: Stone door is circled to set out to 10 lis of gallery from water after breakfast in the morning (5 kilometers control distance, time makes an appointment with 15 minutes, in having cling to head for with Xiaoba. ) this channel department does brook channel, be located in area of scene of valley of all alone brook, be as long as more than lis 10, landscape of two side nature is unusually rich. Cubic metre of stone of two side cliff square layer upon layer, fold an all sorts of wonderful modelling, have " level off hilltops helps the mother, old person that extract drug " etc (this scene area has trainset to debut, sit to be watched on board see all sorts of view, time needs 20 minutes, charge 30 yuan) , visit time to need 1 half hours on foot.
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