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Self-help of double edition accept swims on the west strategy
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The first day

Set out from Kunming International Airport, by afternoon or arrive in the evening city of double edition accept thes prefecture where the provincial capital is located on the west- - the plane of Jing Hong city (fare 520 yuan / piece, without the discount, type Boeing 737, time flies about 50 minutes in sky) , after arriving at, can multiply in airport doorway in cling to or civil aviaton regular bus heads for Jing Hong urban district (Kunming also can choose to take sleeper car to edition accept, need to cost about 21 hours, at morrow evening 6 when the left and right sides reachs edition pay, fare 180 yuan, the place that take a car is in south kiln car passenger station, because of the long-distance take time that take a car and difficult, proposal body loses and milquetoast should not choose this kind of way) . The hotel inside Jing Hong city is very much, choice room is bigger, be like direct with coming loose passenger capacity is entered, requirement hotel hits Yi Ke fold. Damp and hot of edition accept climate, the public house with should choose a condition finer is entered, had better be the hotel of available and harmonic hot water, the price 150, 200 yuan / . Go up in urban barbecue booth in the evening can the Dai nationality with authentic savor is fastfood, meal of if lemongrass is careless grilled fish, acerbity young chicken, bamboo slip and Nan Mi, local color is distinctive. There is booth of a lot of night fairs to nod near downtown square, the fastfood flavour acid of edition accept is hot, if do not think the stomach that follows oneself is impassable, the proposal does not eat too much.

The following day

Regular bus is taken in the urban district (fare 10- - 20 yuan) head for arboretum of tropics of Meng logical sequence, along billows dark blue Jiang Ni flows and go up, market of Chinese olive dam is passed in road, but big full the luck to eat sth delicious- - taste the intertropical fruit with delicious delicacy of have a taste of what is just in season, still can see piece Dai village; Entrance ticket of arboretum of Meng logical sequence 35 yuan, breed of the plant inside garden is various, a lot of sort are Yunnan particular. Area of area of do sth for the occasion is larger, the proposal asks a Dai nationality in the doorway " coquettish much couple " (namely the girl's meaning) make a conduct a sightseeing tour, charge 40 yuan. Arboretum scene is very much, need equipment sufficient film, the dot of small vendor's stand of the doorway has all sorts of intertropical floral seedling and seed to sell, if have fun at,can buy a few as souvenir. The roadside in return road can buy fresh and delicate pineapple, the price 1 yuan / .

The 3rd day

In remote swims one day, the tourist attraction has: Jing Zhen anise wells balanced, in remote boundary tablet, lie Buddha, tower of peaceful big gold, ban poisonous shop, burmese the first month plays market, alone Mu Chenglin. Attention: Because of road of this one antenna long, tourist attraction is much and involve leave the country, individual self-help swims difficulty is greater, suggest to attend local travel agent to organize " in remote swims one day " , the price makes an appointment with 200 yuan / person (contain a tourist guide expenses of service, fare, food, entrance ticket and leave the country wait for charge) , standard travel agent should select when ginseng is round, must sign formal travel contract. The store that Burmese churchyard sells jade and booth dot are numberless as the sand, pedlar people guide buy a resort brillant, careful an ancient earthen utensil for steaming rise wants to fasten when shopping, beware be duped!
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