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Self-help of yellow fruiter chute swims circuit
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Scene area is located in Guizhou how to arrange city southwest cover, by attitude hole of star of the stone forest on the water of day star bridge with beautiful light of the ten grounds chute of each different, underground chute, zephyr, day combine and become, it is beauty spot of level of the first batch of states of Chinese scenic spot one of areas. Yellow fruiter cataract is the center of this scene area, every time when eagre, if the Milky Way pours do all one can, bridge colour quiver, pluvial mist rises, rainbow of way of the way below colourful Yang Zhi goes out from pool ground arch, particularly grand and in river water hour, chute is divided fall from cliff, if fairy show sends amice, charm thering is no lack of beautifuls.

Drop of yellow fruiter fall 74 meters, 81 meters wide, river water flies to flow and fall from bluff top be high up in the air, in the rhinoceros pit that bend leaves into cliff, situation if terrific. Water stone photograph is stimulated, give out shake day blare, vacate an aerosol, mist fine mist falls in sunshine illuminate, change a path rainbow again, illusion amples, wonderful and boundless. Chute has couplet to say on the booth watching waterfall on thither Gao Ya: "Baishui is like cotton need not bend plays a flower to come loose oneself, why does rainbow Xia Shijin need tatting to be become inherently " , this is the vivid portraiture of yellow fruiter chute. But the configuration of yellow fruiter chute has change because of season, winter water hour, it is enchanting and beautiful, issue have diarrhoea gently; Arrived Xia Qiu, water quantity soars, that shake day changes the boundless imposing manner of the ground, make a person simply soul-stirring. Sometimes the snow foam aerosol that chute arouses, be as high as hundreds meters, all over the sky is pelagian, make the drizzle that fly violently often is in all round its unexpectedly in.

The water shade hole after chute is quite excellent, there is 6 holes window inside 134 meters long hole, 5 holes hall, the chute inside 3 holes spring and a hole. Tourist crosses in the hole, can fly outside the hole is watched inside hole window the chute that flows to fall continuously; Thin every that day west hill, look at by the window, the rainbow in rhinoceros pool winds around, yun Zhengxia colourful, the bright red on dark green summit, blurred irregular change, this is famous " sunset of the view inside water shade hole " .

Yellow fruiter cataract is Chinese the biggest chute, also be the world the broadest big one of grand chute. River water from 70 confuse tall cliff more pool of rhinoceros of straight have diarrhoea is medium on bluff, noise shake day, 10 lis besides, hear its voice namely.

Traffic: Yellow fruiter is apart from Guiyang 137 kilometers, be apart from An Shun 40 kilometers, walk along expensive yellow freeway. Guiyang railway station swims by a day car of special railway line needs car Cheng two hours only to yellow fruiter (the bus is wrapped 40 yuan each roundtrip) .
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