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Tibetan travel travel notes
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Lin Zhi area

  held water 1982, area kilometer of 210 thousand much square, have Tibetan Changjiang Delta say, metropolis 81 towns altitude 2900 meters, be apart from Lhasa 400 much kilometers. At present Lhasa already fostered cordial relations between states to the highway of 81, 8 many hours can arrive. 81 proposals live greet guesthouse, between mark 50 yuan / person, food is good.
  Ba Song is wrong
  is apart from labour cloth river to amount to 50 kilometers, have " highland of " of channel of 9 stockaded village say. There is an island in the lake, there is a temple in the island, the scenery is attractive. Pass without regular bus, wrap cross-country car to head for only.
Area of   Ju Baifeng scene
  is apart from 81 9 kilometers, have a gigantic cypress among them, have cultivated 2500 age, ten talents are held in the arms so that live. At present here is building a park. Can head for from 81 packets of taxis.
Immense forest of   Lu Lang
  lubricious season pulls mountain pass to leave scene of a paragraph of forest to hill, before be worth to be able to rent a car, go to, also can go to before hitchhike.
  scheduling:
  hires a car to suggest to arrange 3 days
Lhasa of   D1 looks around to Ba Song fault
After fault of Ba Song of   D2 sees sunrise 81, visit area of scene of gigantic Bai Feng, go again Lu Lang forest is returned after holothurian view 81 live
  D3 81 return Lhasa. Build a car to go 4-5 day, regular bus is roundtrip need 2 days, build a car to go gigantic cypress, Lu Lang is roundtrip need 1-2 day, go Ba Song fault needs 1-2 day.

Area of   Lhasa

  the Potala Palace
  opens everyday 09: 00-12: 30 15: 00-18: 00
  visits time to need 2 many hours. But after open time spent 1 many hours, sell a bill basically no longer. Every week one, 3, the 5 days that are Tibetan face Buddha, the person is very much. Also can leave from back door directly by the car reach the summit on, after looking around, come down from front door, relatively save labour.
  notices:
  1. Palace is taller, fluctuation should go slow.
  2. Inside the hall more gloomy and cold, although the summer also had better allow spare parts coat.
  3. Inside the hall if want to take a picture, collect fees especially tall, consider a proposal to will resemble machine before be being hanged in the bosom, do not hit flashlight blind to pat, also but satisfactory.
  4. The closet inside cloth palace searchs hard also lesser, before visitting, had better solve first in entry point had better. The toilet of back door of additional cloth palace has distinguishing feature very much, also be one scene, do not miss.
  5. Cloth palace examination is very severe, escape the bank note is basic impossible, one party law also can try, namely one, 3, 5 Tibetans turn go when classics, the ticket is not bought first when taking front door, there is one little room after finishing step, the Tibetan all buys a ticket in this 2 yuan / piece, you can ask a Tibetan to help you buy a piece, before entering audience hall, return somebody to receive ticket examination, had better dress up ahead of schedule so, a dimming watering can is carried again in the hand or take bit of ghee, hada, install Cheng Chaofo, estimation can mix the past.
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