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3 inferior self-help swims guideline
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As everybody of standard of living rise, travel goes vacationing to had made a when everybody lives daily necessary pay. Especially self-help swims, because its are agile free, the individuation of because of the person different is arranged, the first selection that outside becoming everybody to go out, goes vacationing. But how can reasonable arrangement good journey, accomplish fall in limited time and funds, what can play again is to one's heart's content, still have bit of knowledge. Below went to me in December 3 inferior the experience of travel and impressions share everybody, hope to be helped somewhat to everybody.
Say swimming aspect first, respecting 3 inferior swimming journey, the mainstream product on general travel agent and website is 3 days of two evening, I think this is main is to take care of everybody on the weekend of go on a journey need and decide, because go,actually Cheng is night shift plane for the most part, the time that plays truly is two days of two evening only just. So, if you have additional vacation, proposal take into consideration the circumstances increases time (this is the advantage that self-help swims ah) .
Before set out, I seek advice through consulting on the net and with the friend go on a pilgrimage for Buddhist scriptures that have been to, decided 4 days of 4 evening (namely 5 days of of travel agent 4 evening) scheduling, the guiding ideology of the journey is to go vacationing give priority to, also want to arrange appropriate time to travel easily at the same time. Scheduling of the plan before going is as follows:
Inferior Long Wan at least daylong, live two evening;
Wu raises continent island to arrange one day (roundtrip) ;
South day of hill, small hole (a day) ;
Motor-driven time a day (basically be the circumstance decides the basis neatly) ;

D1: Multiply in the evening 7: The night shift plane of 35 sets out, 1 hour or so arrive (Shenzhen takes off) , in turn all round the hotel, eat barbecue;
D2: In the morning inferior dragon bay beach, take a walk, swim, to butterfly cereal looks around after have dinner midday, arrive towards evening all round turn, go inferior dragon bay square (after waiting for booking clerk to come off work) . About inferior there are a lot of people to depict before Long Wan's beautiful scenery, I said more no longer. Of China coastal I am had been to many, dalian, Qingdao, Yantai go playing for many times, the sea of Shenzhen looks year after year, this thinking 3 inferior also that's all right is special (this also is me very long did not go 3 inferior the reason of travel) , think now inferior Long Wan is worth to go absolutely!
D3: Still want to be in originally inferior Long Wan is waited for a long time more, but because drop in temperature suddenly last night, change a plan. After returning a house in the morning, arrive in city hotel, mix inside city greatly because of day air cooling afternoon circumjacent beach looks around, the deer turns round to wait, arrive to taste city of seafood chaffy dish to have seafood chaffy dish in the evening;
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