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Bay island recommends self-help You Na
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Define: South bay be located in roc peninsula most the south, daya Bay is faced east, pacific Ocean is received south, roc bay is connected on the west, make the same score continent island to confront each other with Hong Kong, apart does not cross kilometre. Here attractive scenery, ocean wave takes a bank, all day billows sound blast. South bay the dweller makes a living with fishing more, every time curtain of night arrives, the setting that the seaside here can have fisherman's song to sing evening still has all sorts of fishing when occurrence; on holidays the folk-custom such as the bride is married to be able to look on the lantern show and water.
The seafood here is in Shenzhen most famous, be in south bay in the cafeteria of street, the seafood such as abalone, sea urchin can eat. Taste seafood, still can hire mosquito craft to visit around isle.
South Shenzhen bay public transportation information: 360 buses can arrive directly.