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Self-help of Shenzhen samite China swims
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Define: Samite China is small shrink scene area is located in Shenzhen bay bank, it is a report building of art of Chinese history, culture, ancient time and ethical amorous feelings are the the the richest, vividdest, most comprehensive small shrink scene area, cover an area of 450 mus. In scene area, tourist attraction of nearly 100 place distributings by Chinese area domain roughly. Here has tomb figure of military forces of the Great Wall that ranks 8 big miracles of world, Qin Ling; Have the oldest stone arch bridge, the royal park with the biggest palace and the biggest figure of Buddha, the longest grotto painted corridor, height above sea level is top of the numerous world such as the grandest edifice most; Have solemn and respectful and majestic Huang Diling, the Confucian temple that Jin Bihui dregses of rice, grand and grand Mount Taishan, arduous and forceful the Yangtse River 3 gorge; Still be like the Li river scenery with hills and waters with picturesque poem, 1000 appearance building of temple of the renown tower of 100 condition, name, name, renown grotto and the place that have ethical amorous feelings civilian house; In addition, the occasion with big marriage of day of imperial hold a memorial ceremony for, smooth mood, sacral Confucian temple and custom of espouse of civilian marriage funeral all are shown at the moment, let tourist big feast one's eyes on. Make one pace of tourist " strides the history, one day swims Chinese " , it can say to make the window of the window that is Chinese history, window of culture, travel.