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3 inferior from tourist travel old strategy
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3 inferior it is a place that suits degree of false travel very much, nature the the the most delightful climate, freshest air, vernallest sunshine, most the the seawater of azure blue, downiest beach, most the seafood with the 10 thousand kinds belle, most delicate amorous feelings... bestowed this China most Na Duan's seaside travels city.

Go 3 inferior do not join the travel sightseeing group with a hasty road, want to do true " from tourist " . Happy captain makes an on-the-spot survey on the spot through, combine the experience that forefathers sums up, specially is driven made " from tourist " practical guideline, roll out ceremoniously to everybody. The friend that should go suggests to print to come down, carry in order to make reference. What the hope can give you is happy go out to bring a help all right.

One, the preparation before setting out

3 inferior sunshine is very beautiful, beach is beautiful also, but the person wants the United States to had be toed use protect skin to taste. SPF30 above is prevented basking in frost must be deployed, the aplomb after basking in is repaired protect it is dew, OK to protect film of wet sparge, beautiful flour to wait on the belt. Wash hair fluid, protecting hair vegetable also is necessary. Seawater very those who hurt a hair, the comparison that the hotel offers is inferior.

Arrived 3 inferior want go into business for certain, swimsuit, natant glasses, earplug should get ready. Replace clothings (difference in temperature of day and night is big, long sleeve is taken surely) , slipper of sun umbrella, sunbonnet, sunglass, beach also should be taken.

Medicaments also should prepare a bit. Fight allergic medicine, patulin, antidiarrheal, anodyne, achieve can stick, tampon of eyedrop, disinfection. Still have, want to eat seafood, bring acid of the Pai that nod fluorine and element of the rhizome of Chinese goldthread. Mobile phone, camera reachs charger, can not forget. Listen, paper pen should be taken, return so that prepare the snacks that oneself liked and food.

Still have a bit the most crucial, remember taking enough ready money, besides the bazaar of accommodation, big drop, credit card is in 3 inferior use very hard, take money machine automatically to be found very hard also.
2, accommodation

The proposal enters big the East China Sea. 3 inferior have 3 bay: Big the East China Sea, 3 inferior bay He Yalong bay. The advantage of big the East China Sea is close from the urban district, shop, have a meal, give travel, recreation to go to the lavatory, there is cooked food on the beach in the evening, in be troubled by, take static, economic material benefit.

Inferior Long Wan is a the most beautiful bay, briny color has administrative levels feeling, the beach is whiter, also can collect shell, the sanded crab in the evening a lot of. The consumption of hotel of Dan Yalong bay also is highest relatively, very far from the urban district (20 much kilometers) , shop, have a meal, piece travel is no-go. But still can consider to enter 1-2 here in the evening. If MONEY allows, can enter directly inferior Long Wan, the cogongrass house that can consider to raise continent island in Wu even lives on one night.
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