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Sanded self-help of collect lake big plum swims one day
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Park of sanded seaside of Shenzhen big plum is become at falling ceremoniously on June 18, 1999. It regards Shenzhen municipal Party committee, municipal government as 99 year for run by the local people one of 10 real issues, open freely to the public. Park of big plum sanded seaside is planned to design by firm of British Atkins adviser, whole park is mature screen hill draws near the natural landscape advantage of the sea, formed by the landscape administrative levels that transfers gradually to the sea together. Coconut woods establishs flowers and plants group colourful size is square, green the lawn parking lot that loquat of the view scene a covered corridor or walk that shade coronal builds, France is setting off one another, modelling is beautiful each different if like Bai Yun tensioning film, 1800 meters aureate beach, nature is pure and fresh, send strong semi-tropical seaside view. Big plum sanded park is sure to become a collect to lie fallow go vacationing, the travel resort that recreation of sightseeing travel, motion is an organic whole.


Be located in between saline harbor and small Mei Sha, from urban drive car half hours can arrive. Here has the beach with the longest Shenzhen, seawater is clear, the beach is capacious, sandiness delicacy. Big plum sanded casino sets field of hall of singing and dancing of fountain of lamplight of the mosquito craft on beach horse race, water, large music and open air, barbecue.
The Dameisha that condenses a stylist of domestic and international top-ranking program and painstaking effort of on 10 thousand builder piece the area is transformed, successful favourable geographical position carries condition of hill seaward nature on the back with Dameisha, cite hill condition to the seaside, bring seascape to hill body, let blue sky, Bai Yun, Gong Chaoxia and afterglow, can become the most moving subject in beautiful air. After Dameisha transforms first phase project to end, party and many national leader inspect to here. Their design to park of seaside of big Mei Sha and construction gave height the opinion.
In the build on saline plum road 4 Guan Jingping stages, the visitor that lets treat the lake enjoys the cool here, small rest. Current, platform of scene of these 4 view already took shape, they have 4 very pretty names: Bright phearl of billows of beautiful peak view, seaside, elegant Lanmeng lights on fishing boat of Hai Hedong Bu.
Dameisha, this old name shows the charm that gives youth to Shenzhen person, became the ocean of Shenzhen person joy.

Small post person:
1, when holiday, big plum sanded tourist is particularly much, piece when travel most child choose a bus, want to notice safety.
2, mean the one word in the evening, the closest from beach is elegant orchid hotel; If want a bit cheaper, choose Ba bank elegant hotel, the style of Thailand type, house price also petty gain controls Biyalan 100 yuan, a bit further from beach nevertheless, walk probably 10 minutes.
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