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Self-help of Shenzhen joy cereal swims strategy
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Shenzhen joy cereal is new generation of group of overseas Chinese city large theme Eden, country area of first scene of 4A stage travel, always cover an area of a face to accumulate 350 thousand square metre, always invest 1.5 billion yuan of RMBs, it is a be in harmony participates in a gender, view and admire sex of gender, amusement, interest the Eden of Chinese contemporary theme at an organic whole, 3 dwell You Le is market of great capacity, land, sky a suit, day of be in harmony, night is double recreation is an organic whole.
Complete garden divides big theme area in all: Coast of bay of forest of lira of town of mine of hill of city of Spanish square, cartoon, adventure, happy time, gold, sweet case, hurricane, sunshine, Ma is elegant water park (annual ― was opened on October 7 on May 1) , add headroom one-track train " happy artery " , have 100 many old little all the You Le project of appropriate, rich and colorful, introduce numerous whole nation and even Asia's particular item from the developed country such as the United States, Holand, Germany: If the 1st headroom of Chinese sways " detector " , the world the family of the 1st multiplies newest, Asia ride a project " UFO " , of world highest head " lotic brave is entered " , the first overhead suspension switchback of Chinese " snow mountain flying dragon " , Asia highest, China
The happy course of soul-stirring, each Yi Zhen also the happy world of unreal, china's most attractive city recreation center, " act feeling, vogue, happy, dream " flourishing city opens a person's mind to will let you always annals is unforgettable!
Brand-new and open happy Gu San period, add items of 8 big top class You Le newly, summit of 3 big fall entertainment, made a fine time that never rings down the curtain.