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Application travel visa notes 5 big move
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The message says recently, sino-US between the 2nd round of negotiation that having opening travel destination, say the hopeful inside year becomes the United States country of destination of Chinese citizen travel. The United States that 21 days of reporters cover responsible visa work in American embassy is stationed in China be informed when Li Qiming of embassy consul general, at present the negotiation returns afoot, although American hopeful becomes Chinese citizen to leave the country,swim destination country, but program of application travel visa won't be changed accordingly.
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● both sides hopes to come to an agreement inside year
According to CCTV report, du Jiang of deputy director general of national tourism bureau expresses, the 2nd round of negotiation of Sino-US two countries about open travel destination is in Beijing to hold at this lunar the middle ten days of a month, both sides hopes to complete negotiation inside year. Du Jiang expresses, american tourism group hopes China opens the United States to become travel destination very much, american Department of Commerce hopes to come to an agreement inside year. "We also made positive response, if the negotiation of the middle ten days of a month is successful, we also hope to be finished inside year. " Du Jiang says.
Also the hearsay expresses, rose on December 1 from this year, an any Chinese travel agent, want to form the tourism group of 10 people above only, can be stationed in to the United States that is set in Beijing China embassy applies for to go to visa of beautiful travel individual. Be aimed at these messages, li Qiming says, two countries negotiates still afoot, when does the United States come true to leave the country for Chinese citizen after all destination country still cannot decide.
● attends course of beautiful travel visa changeless 20% refus were signed 2007
Li Qiming says, go to beautiful travel visa to because the United States is in,won't become Chinese citizen to leave the country destination country and change. He says, "Although both sides signs an agreement, but the United States still has relevant law. American law sets, the member that go to beauty for the first time must accept interview. The member that go to beauty for the first time must accept interview..
As we have learned, besides the United States, it is OK that Chinese citizen goes to other most country to travel round autograph, need not go personally namely diplomatic and consular missions and visa official chat face-to-face. Interview means two kinds of kills, catch autograph or refus lot. Disclose according to American diplomatic mission, 2007 money year (on October 1, 2006 - on September 30, 2007) chinese mainland citizen obtains autograph rate to achieve 80% , this also is meant 20% may be sign by refus. And American diplomatic mission expresses clearly, even if the group swims, if who goes to the United States for the first time, diplomatic and consular missions can ask he has speak to sb face to face.
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