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West lake beautiful scenery swims whole strategy
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Dawn of Su Di spring

Now Su Di already instead asphalt road surface, dan Sudi's scene still charming and gentle, spring beautiful of early morning blame, "Dawn of Su Di spring " be by no means undeserved reputation.

By K4, 308, 504, swim 1, 2, 3, 5 road, holidays 1, 4, 5, 7 lines arrive " Su Di " station, " beautiful harbor " the station falls or arrive by west lake yacht beautiful harbor can touch Su Di Na Duan, or by 7, 15, 27, 28, swim 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 road, holidays 1, 4, 6 lines arrive " Yue Miao " station, " music courtyard wind carries on his shoulder or back " below the station, can amount to Su Di north to carry.

1. If be to ramble by bicycle,Su Di can have another feelings, two people travel together and it is two-men bicycle, that is more interesting.

2. Lakeside has many bikes rental dot, had better go up by bike when the person is little nevertheless Su Di, always must stop otherwise, the meeting is very afflictive.

Break bridge incomplete snow

The name that breaks the bridge because why and it is not important to come, here has white a polite form of address for a young woman and the statement that make celestial being break bridge encountering, enough it is complacent.

By 807, swim 1, 2 fall to the station that break the bridge. 507, swim 2; 27 Ge Ling stand; Road of 7 road, K7 breaks the bridge to stand.

The northeast of the bridge has tablet booth, stand inside " snow of the incomplete that break the bridge " tablet. Stand still either end of a bridge, scan widely 4 look, far hill close water, all stop eye ground, it is the beautiful ground that enjoys respect of west lake snow.

Average lake autumn month

Lake face is like lens calmly, autumn month high above in the sky and lake water hand in photograph reflect, "Monochromatic lake is smooth 10 thousand just autumn " can not see everyday. Lakefront has a problem " the Qiu Yue that make the same score a lake " tablet.

By swim 1, 2, 3 arrive Xi Ling bridge or break the bridge to get off, be headed for on foot or to disembark to Zhongshan park by west lake yacht. 15 yuan of 6:00-17:30

Famous Ha Tonghua garden is as proximate as its.

Liu Lang hears warbler

"Drunk willow " " lion willow " " wash gauze willow " wait, the name that has Liu Zhou is not an empty hole invites the wind-weakness lends wings to rumors.

By K4, 12, 30, 308, 504, swim 1, 2 road, holidays 5, 7 lines stand to Liu Lang Wen Ying. 5 yuan

Here is to enjoy the optimal position of water of one side of 3 cloud hill.

Shuang Feng inserts the cloud

Become when mist confusing overflows group of Shan Yun, two peaks show double needle occasionally, just like peak inserts the sky, it is shade of dripping wet of a splash-ink has the wash painting that send to coil.

7, 27, 807, swim 1, swim 2, swim 3 get off to Hong Chunqiao can.

"Shuang Feng inserts the cloud " drive tablet is personal letter of Qing Kangxi's emperor, tablet booth tourist attraction is in Hong Chunqiao bank.
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