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Self-help of Hangzhou west lake swims
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Be away on official business alone in Shanghai, zhou Si sends crank suddenly, why to go to Hangzhou does the west lake swim?
From planning to go out not to pass two days all right, whole preparation phase benefit from benefit from carries the your work of Cheng net and friend of a lot of ass on the net and experience. Anyhow, I was used in the plan seeing between one climate mostly tourist attraction, include a west lake 8 scene and size everywhere scenic spot.
T31 gives a station was at 7 o'clock control partly, I take a taxi directly go to park of west lake Zhongshan dock. The car passes lakefront, eye ground of be involved in of the natural beauty of lakes and mountains, lotus is admiring. Arrive dock head, by boatman a boat is wrapped to be able to swim for collect lake heart 3 islands. 160 yuan, also do not counter-bid, went up boat. Time is important, some later when the person became much retort with challenging questions is searched at the moment scene. Boatman slowly delimiting oar, introducing the landscape all round to me. My criterion is enmeshed beyond between green hill green water. The isle of the green of 3 gloomy green of lake midpoint compose with small seaing city the most beautiful. But white daytime 3 Tan Yinyue goes out not to taste however. The boat is in lake upper reaches left and right sides of a hour, between the eye all round the tourist rises more gradually, I was going up bank.
It is Xi Ling imprints first company, decorating; Go out right travel is the 61 springs that Su Dongpo commemorates Ou Yangxiu. Arrive again crossing is " Mu Caiting " , not by recall letting a person that " deep and remote Lan Lou, the eye that be like tears " Su Xiaoxiao of generation name prostitute, disappeared regrettablly " below Xi Ling, wind blows rain. " bleak.
Crossed carry on one's shoulder of music courtyard wind, yue Miao is on. The grave hill of generation hero, go be being paid homage to one time of course. " unhealthy environmental influences that cause disease is like glacial carbon since ancient times, praise or blame sentences bogus now true.

after, swam on the way Gu hill, bai Di breaks the bridge, arrive again nearby on insular coffee idle sits. The scenery window of 2 buildings all is receiving lake hill the key point in. Especially scorching afternoon hot weather.

Go out multiplied swim 2, went all the way Shuang Feng and Dragon Well tea. Defending one pool tranquil water, new tea of a cup of Dragon Well tea is tasted by desk of small below Gu Mu bamboo, it is satisfied very.
Break up afternoon return Hong Chunqiao change to go the car of clever concealed direction arrives clever concealed temple. Just meet thing having a way, burned column sweet.
Farewell goes thunder peak tower, be crepuscular, the tower bath below the setting sun is worn golden light. Enter cat head, colour of sky gradually dusk. Far a amaranth rays of morning or evening sunshine foils west lake 3 green hill is enchanting all the more. Surface is much also a few minutes of calm. As if heaven and earth grasped to breathe.
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