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Female self-help swims well-meaning clew
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Though the journey is not male patent, but in the travel upsurge in like a rising wind and scudding clouds, the woman figure that goes alone is very few really. Actually the female can go out alone likewise journey, this kind of journey can enjoy the feeling that when be together with everybody, does not have, this is a kind of loneliness is wonderful. In journey, you can view and admire the beautiful scenery of nature at the same time, arrange at the same time be gotten by faze of the life, job farfetched feeling, although you already were person Fu, through " go alone " the perception that you can seek the sort of youth, still have belong to yourself only that " cruel " ! So, when you set foot on journey alone, what should notice? It is our proposal below:
The equipment of cap-a-pie reminds:
Head, face is a female most notice to caress. Cap and sunglass should be taken surely, the cap had better be long-tongued or it is wide edge collapsible the sort of, dai Yiding is practical colourful cap already but keep out ultraviolet ray, also can do the ornament when take a photo as a souvenir. What umbrella also has different in approach but equally satisfactory in result is clever.
Cosmetic should handpick. Can have besides lipstick 2-3 is raised, outside so that tie-in element admires to be worn differently,be being installed, shadow of eyebrow pencil, eye, stucco, make up the best concentration such as the box. Make up the box wants can withstand knock against, did not forget to have one cuts pen knife. By experience, protect skin to taste the position that compares cosmetic to want to prepare high, go out travel always is with differ indoors, face and appearing skin the times descent that gets ultraviolet ray, sand blown by wind, dust, so wholeheartedly clean face protects skin is you those who maintain appearance of fragrant look evil spirit is essential. The proposal takes one pyxis to wash grandma, if go to particularly dry or particularly damp place, best belt is ground the arenaceous grandma that wash a face or go dying the skin creams, keep clear of in time the dust on the face or overmuch oily. Protect skin to taste the brand that with oneself the habit uses had better, special protect skin to taste, if prevent the and so on that bask in frost, the skin that foretaste answers to try his before going is allergic, lest is added temporarily. Of same brand protect skin to taste have pyxis or half bottles do not take whole bottle, have plastic and bottled best, lest from morning till night is their be nervous.
Press convention, the towel that astral class guesthouse offers for the guest is a course double disinfection program is treated, for more be at ease, still take oneself had better. Take a few bags of small shampoo also find sth useful. If be to go to the place with accommodation poorer condition travelling, proposal first tailor pocket of a cloth, face before sleeping, install oneself, avoided epinosic worry, can " preserve one's moral integrity " the ground falls asleep peacefully.
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