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Travel makes arrangement of bit of conduct financial transactions
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At present, the person that likes travel is increasing. How does horizon open in beautiful money while, accomplish investment to yield is benefit the greatest change? might as well learning to travel at the same time, at the same time conduct financial transactions.
■ make go on a journey plan  
It is above all before go on a journey, make go on a journey plan first. Target of choice go on a journey should stress a focal point, choose other and sub target on the way for the center with key target again. Subsequently, budgetary estimate gives place of go on a journey to require cost. Charge basically includes cost of cost of traffic expenses, tourist attraction entrance ticket, board and lodging, shopping cost to wait a moment. Budgetary outline has room, be badly in need of in order to have. Make go on a journey plan, should making overall plans and take all factors into consideration, every time go on a journey wants to cover the main tourist attraction of nearby, so that with later the target of go on a journey overlaps no longer, can avoid some tourist attraction to did not go sightseeing to swim alone even so or become a regret.   
■ choose vehicle
Different vehicle has advantage and inadequacy each: Plane rate is rapid, when the province, but cost is high, be versed in firewood a group of things with common features cannot be main vehicle with its; The train, ship contrasts economy, but rate is slow, waste time, increase exhaustion, reduce interest, expense is little nevertheless, average household can be assumed case. If the condition is good, but first choice plane, enhance sightseeing efficiency. If be economy travel, can traffic of railroad, canalage is given priority to.   
■ take credit card  
If be,travel for the unit with the family, expenditure get on 10 thousand yuan thousands of yuan less even, take cash to be bothered already lose easily again, the credit card on the belt went to the lavatory. Current, the financial service of each travel tourist attraction and business of credit card engage by special arrangement door relatively develop, hold card to be able to produce effect adequately. The individual holds calorie of travel to be able to reduce the trouble that carries ready money; Can use credit card to pay accommodation, repast, buy the fare such as article, OK also different ground collects ready money, still can overdraw consumption.   
■ take the place of with the pace " car "  
Travel is in again be personally on the scene, the appreciate of ground of earnestly practise what one advocates, state in comprehending nature and humanitarian landscape and connotation. As the development of travel area modernization and urban traffic, the travel of a few people already became a kind " sit swim " . Go out should " hit " , sit fair steam, mountain-climbing should sit telpher, this kind of practice not only floriferous money, and trot along on horseback easily view is beautiful, lose the real sense of travel. With pace acting car, already can most go sightseeing forthrightly, and still can save a large sum of traffic cost.   
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