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Go on a journey must not forget to prevent bask in
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Go out outer, little not bask. Accordingly, go on a journey person must not forget to prevent bask in.

On market prevent bask in breast, with SPF number cent becomes different class; Number is larger, protective effect is more lasting. Normally, defend the protective time that basks in breast, it is SPF number is multiplied with 15 minutes, resemble SPF8 date prevent basking in time is 120 minutes. Of course, the skin bears in what sunshine falls because of,force is of person, because of period of time and latitude different.

If you play in hill, simply is made prevent run-of-milly bask in, choose SPF8 prevent bask in breast can. But if you arrive,the seaside swims, need those who choose SPF15 above to prevent bask in breast; The period of the day from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. is divided in, sunshine is violent, have to choose SPF30 above prevent bask in breast.

Prevent bask in an index to had been jumped over higher?

The expert thinks, prevent bask in an index to exceed expensive product, fat feeling is heavier, jam easily pore, go against a sweat, so the meeting after smear feels unwell. Right way is, in different situation, be aimed at diverse demand, choose different defend the articles for use that basks in an index.