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Go on a journey is worn of exquisite
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◆ dress
1. Mutiple level dress, one touchs 3, heat preservation breathes freely the root of fangfeng of comfortable and deft + blocks + rain
Alleged " practical + function is designed " dress, it is to show part is economic value and muti_function design at a suit, let you one can touch several to wear, wind can be blocked when blowing, when raining, can prevent water, can protect when the weather is cold. Relative to character, beautiful instead was become next. Generally speaking, range of product of outdoors and recreational dress is very wide, include T compensate, jersey, recreational pants, vest, coat, dust coat, jacket to wait, its design emphasizes high-tech material pledging more with multivariate functional sex, be like multilayer slide fastener, the pocket design of protected against the effects of immersion, can put the label that can accept to wait a moment.
2. Onion type wears a law
Ground floor breathes freely, outer and middle-level heat preservation, windbreak waterproof is mutiple level dress, can let you be during the journey, along with the change of temperature, wear disrobe conveniently. Rock-bottom series: It is clingy a when skin at human body, often apply material of Coolmax science and technology to pledge, permeability is extremely tall, let sweat can quickness eduction, maintain skin to empty feel well. Series dress has T compensate, jersey to wait.
Middle-level series: Apply the lightest and the cloth that breathe freely is made, apply material of Polartec science and technology to ensure the sweat that sends by rock-bottom brandish is able to evaporate character, have heat preservation effect. Series dress has turtleneck unlined upper garment, vest or slide fastener type close-fitting coat.
Outer series: The key of this series is to be put in " although be in,harships or other and harsh weather fall, also maintain the temperature of the person that wearing, provide breathe freely the effect. The sweat that gives to let medium, rock-bottom place take is complete outside eduction garment, this series is used waterproof reach breathe freely cloth is made, material has Gore-Tex, Activevt, Gore, Wind, Stopper, Rib-stop to wait character. Series dress has the windbreak garment, coat that connect a cap, mountain-climbing coat to wait.
3. Little skill of travel dress choose and buyA. Material wants character light: Qualitative light design is worn not only rise comfortable, and the space also is not occupied quite when collecting. B. Permeability beautiful, heat preservation is spent enough; Material of science and technology is qualitative can body damp eduction, also maintain temperature at the same time, let the cold air outside enter do not come. C. Waterproof design: If your choice arrives when rainy area or snow ground travel, outer the waterproof design of dress is essential element. D. Much pocket designs or muti_function camera bag: Much pocket design is convenient the dot that you carry has " hiding ground " , and classification is clear, search to also go to the lavatory more. The camera bag design of lining can allow your important thing, it is OK to if show bank note, certificate,wait " close-fitting collect " , avoid to be stolen.
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