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Journey " Ka Ca " should take care
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Taking beloved watch for a chance, record the dribs and drabs in journey according to the facts, already made a kind of fashionable way of life now. But, of certain state or area and partial travel tourist attraction " Ka Ca " no-no, but cannot ignore, can bring needless trouble otherwise.
Law is forbidden the place that take a picture

The custom of country of whole world majority and area and airport forbidden zone, because involve national security, forbidden and optional enter and take a picture, even if the reporter is not exceptional also below the circumstance without the license, the fine that will be not poored otherwise by legal punish and pay amount.

In recent years, because terrorist activity is frequent, police and custom have authority to undertake checking to all doubtful personnel. If tourists encounter sampling observation when film, answer to cooperate as far as possible, lest cause misunderstanding. In addition, besides custom and airport forbidden zone, a lot of countries are returned wait for hub of power station, bridge, large dams, haven, public traffic before is not to film the place of forbidden area also brings into limitation to film list, tourists are best beforehand ascertain.

Other the place that prohibits because of involving national security filming still basically includes:

Martial defense establishment and martial forbidden zone;

Of national air force administer limits;

Infrastructure of pilot of national communication branch;

All be set by national security branch etc of facilities of forbidden close power, establishment burning gas, railroad, highway, channel.

Journey films commonly " forbidden zone "


When facing religion to abstain from, the tourist needs to take care all the more. No matter be home or abroad, religious problem is to comparative gravity and careful problem. The tourist answers of all kinds cloister (cathedral) devoted and enough esteem, want in the religious area scarcely that does not allow to film optional " Ka Ca " , cannot hold fluky psychology in the arms to be patted secretly more.

Cultural relic and museum

The purpose that protects from cultural relic sets out, besides the stronger to radial stability cultural relic such as sculpture, bronze ware, pottery and porcelain, seal, book, archives, tablet is stuck, silk of document, leather, fur, feather, linen-cotton cultural relic does not allow the photosensitive sex such as lacquer of wool textile, wash, calligraphy, Zhu Mu commonly the tourist takes a picture to its. Main reason is the flashlight when taking a picture, xenon enrages flashlight or shine high especially of flashlight repeatedly illumination, ruinous very big.

Generally speaking, the wavelengh of common visible light is in 400- - between 700 accept rice. Under the light of 400 accept rice, ultraviolet strength is very great, be absorbed easily to bring about metamorphism by the object; Prep above 700 accept rice is smooth, infrared intensity is lesser, be absorbed not easily by the object, very safe. The material such as lumber, plant, silk is high polymer structure, contain a lot ofcellulose or protein, suffer smooth, report, bacterium easily affect and degenerative, attaint; The flashlight that the tourist uses although model is differ, but general the visible light under 700 accept rice, destroy easily to the cultural relic generation of high polymer structure, should taboo.
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