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How does electronic airline ticket discern true bogus
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Electronic airline ticket replaces airline ticket of traditional paper quality to do not have a few days, with respect to organic ticket the representative orders lot " cheat a ticket " the news of incident comes out. Worry about the numerous still and average fare of the safety that buy a ticket more actually. How does the fictitious airline ticket in consist in network discern true bogus?

As we have learned, many passengers are buying electronic airline ticket from time to tome apprehension, thought to spend hundreds buy airline ticket to cannot see not be free from anxiety in paper proof heart however to on 1000 yuan very, because this not little booking office prints good journey single cross actively,arrive in passenger hand. Although such, still passenger of quite a few is not at ease, representative of afraid and individual illegal airline ticket nods the journey sheet that go out is forged, did not reserve airline ticket actually.

Actually, when buying electronic airline ticket now, the passenger can get an electron v/arc a firm exchange and transfer of money. this v/arc a firm exchange and transfer of money and oneself Id number, through the phone the newspaper gives airline customer service the staff member of the ministry, will discern by them the true bogus of airline ticket. Also can log onto relevant airline website directly additionally, input full name of electronic v/arc a firm exchange and transfer of money, passenger, the airliner that also can inquire oneself is booked successful.

In the meantime, proposal passenger had better be in normal travel website perhaps reserves airline ticket on the website of airline.

If must be in,dot of airline ticket representative buys unfamiliar ticket, can come through the following detail sheet of journey of airline ticket of test and verify is effective. For instance normal " stroke of airline ticket of aviation carriage electron is single " for paper of blue decorative pattern, wrong upper part has " supervise the manufacture of of total bureau of national tax Wu " model of written characters, right upper part has one typesetting and printing to brush serial number, lower part has " test and verify is piled up " , true journey sheet pressworks word of the 4 digit after serial number and " test and verify is piled up " the number is completely uniform.