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A few kinds of insurance that tourist go on a journey should buy
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Rose on September 1, 2001, national tourism bureau enforces no longer travel agent buys travel accident insurance for the tourist. To obtain more perfect safeguard, the tourist can contact insurance company by oneself or contact through travel agent and insurance company, cast by respective need defend travel insurance. According to the proposal that the personage inside a few insurance offers, generally speaking, the insurance that tourist go on a journey should buy has the following kinds of kinds:
Tourism minister is safe

Insurance of Pacific Ocean of Chinese birthday, China and international (the tourism minister danger that SOS) rescuing center rolls out together is planted, the service of will former travel person accident insurance expands, the compensate of manage of general after the event of will traditional insurance company is forward and outspread, turn into seasonable and effective salvation is offerred when accident happening. Once produce danger feeling, want to dial relevant telephone only, can win free minister.

Travel rescuing insurance

This kind of insurance travels to going abroad very appropriate. Had its safeguard, once tourist produces contingency or because do not know well,local consuetudinary code posed legal issue, want to dial a telephone only, with respect to the minister that can win free.

Travel accident injury insurance

When the passenger is buying ticket, steamer ticket, had thrown this narrow pass actually, its insurance cost is the 5 % calculative according to fare, every safe insurance amount is a RMB 20 thousand yuan, among them gold of contingency medical treatment 10 thousand yuan. Insurance period rises aboard from the car on check ticket pull in or midway, to check the bill gives a station or stopover go ashore stops. Be in so when taking car, boat to travel, once be or get out of danger can to insurance company claim for compensation.

Injury insurance of travel person accident

This danger is planted suit to attend expeditionary swim, zoology swims, the passenger that alarmingly dangerous swims is cast protect. This kind of insurance every insurance premium is 1 yuan, insurance amount is highest can amount to 10 thousand yuan, every tourist can buy 10 insurance at most. Insurance time limit buys insurance to enter travel tourist attraction and scene zone time to rise from the tourist, till the tourist leaves tourist attraction and scene area.

Accommodation tourist person is safe

This kind of insurance every 1 yuan, the day from accommodation calculates since zero hour, insurance period is restricted 15 days, after expiring can add is protected, every tourist can buy much share, the safeguard that this kind of insurance provides basically has gold of accommodation passenger insurance 5000 yuan, accommodation passenger is ready to help others for a just cause insurance gold 10 thousand yuan, taste for passenger vade mecum damage accidentally by or by pilfer, be grabbed, missing compensation gold 200 yuan.
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