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How is precious headgear protected when the journey
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When giving a ride, natural condition is poorer, or insolation drench, or sand blown by wind is all over the sky, the precious headgear that makes tourist is worn very easily is damaged, if the burnish that a few kinds of methods can make your headgear is protected is new.
If be headgear of the gem that set gold, neuter soap juice can be added in Wenshui, immerse headgear first Yu Shuizhong, rinse moment gently, use soft cloth or tissue paper rub-up next, can achieve a goal.
If be pearl headgear, want to be wiped via often be being wiped with soft cloth. Especially summer, soda acid is contained in the sweat that the person goes, pearl is right acid-base resistance is weaker, want special attention to protect. Can use towel to include jewelry, add a few cold cream, turn gently a short while, reoccupy is absorbefacient soft cloth rub-up.
When sea mile swims, should avoid to wear golden jewelry, and do not make headgear contacts chloric water, especially 14K, 18K these headgear that contain gold.