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Spring picnicky go for a walk in the country in spring admires the beauty of flo
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Spring, wind He Rili, fine willow spits bud, weather charactizing a fine spring day, exuberant. People wishs to do some of activity outside 戶 more, to the outskirts spring outing of picturesque scenery, make cherish free from worry, breadth of mind is open, be connected to of diseases with such symptoms as coastal pain, be helpful for health. But spring outing needs to accomplish 7 avoid.

Avoid is far: Outskirt of spring outing up to had better, distance with exceeding two the day is advisable. Excessively long-distance spring outing, what hard to avoid vessels and vehicle is tired, body and mind is tired, go against health already, also can reduce interest in going on an excursion.

Avoid is urgent: Spring outing views and admire scene, want lag, had better be the person that carry the home or good friend person of the same trade, the edge walks along an edge to talk. The Yi that talks about some of all over the country, at all times and in all over the world hears fun,

Avoid is numerous: Spring outing because when short circuit is little, reason is with installing light 裝 brief travel separately appropriate. Should take some of simple commodity only, change wash clothings, snack and necessary article. Lest the burden is overweight, affect spring outing result.

Avoid cold drinks and snacks: In spring outing road, as a result of prandial sometimes not seasonable, taking some of snack to try to complement oneself is necessary. But warm suddenly as a result of spring climate suddenly cold, taste with be fed less or feeding cold drinks and snacks had better, lest cause alvine gastric disease. Additional, outside when cafeteria has a meal, nod meat dishes less as far as possible, especially cold dish. I am the hutch after entering those who cross a few cafeteria, that fly. . . . Need not say in detail. Anyhow, to do not affect normal travel, do not want a place as far as possible.

Fear is blind: Spring outing is the activity of health of a good body and mind, have optional sex already purposeful quality. Because time is short (general with double cease sunrise swims had better) , piece before travel, had better wait to give specific plan and arrangement to look of 內 of destination, activity, avoid to loaf about scattershotly as far as possible, with spare time and funds, improve spring outing quality.

Avoid moves thick: In journey, hard to avoid encounters the person of a few unpleasantness and thing, be sure to keep in mind to want an important matter to change small, bagatelle is changed without. Go out outer, be in especially the domain of others, as far as possible low-key. Much work is inferior to little be related. Calm, add more self-effacing. Travel loosens the mood namely originally, add pleasure. Not necessary touch war greatly for a bit bagatelle, the injury that injure a person oneself.
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