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"Flier " suffers from aviation tympanitis easily
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The reporter understands from center of ear-nose-throat of hospital of Guangdong armed police yesterday, come from a of service center of medicine of Si Daguo time sampling investigation to show, in the ear disease of personage of young business affairs comes on probability is higher, the ear ministry of the white-collar crowd of 27% is put in the healthy problem of different level, if be treated not in time, can cause " auditory nerve is ill " or inflammation.

Earmuffs should notice when falling since the plane

This year Mr Tang of 35 years old is some company director, because business affairs is busy, it is commonplace by plane. Eve, he arrives by plane provincial, take off as the plane, he feels ear resembles be being stemmed by what thing suddenly same, bilge inside then occurrence ear painful. The symptom after deplaning not only did not alleviate, appear instead the phenomenon that audition drops, at the same time companion has the symptom of giddy, tinnitus. Mr Tang goes to center of nose pharynx and larynx of ear of hospital of total fleet of armed police Guangdong to see a doctor hastily.

Professor Wang Xijun introduces this center, mr Tang suffers from those who go up is tympanitis of sex of acute blame fester, also cry " aviation sex tympanitis " , a kind when belong to conductibility deaf, because the plane removes the height when falling to be changed quickly,this is, atmospheric pressure of eardrum inside and outside cannot bring about eardrum atmospheric pressure to injure evenly.

This center examines similar patient every months 10 above. The expert suggests the white-collar that often seizes the opportunity wants to notice ego is on guard, deglutition motion can be made when falling since the plane, chew chewing gum. Additional, if the person that seize the opportunity has rhinitis or the word that pharynx beat provides a barrier, had better carry the medicaments that improves nasal cavity and pharynx beat canal to aerate.

Often listen to earphone to send noise sex deaf

On bus, car, earphone often listens when visibility takes a car to a few white-collars, some drives to listen to a mobile phone at the same time at the same time. What work in north of the Milky way is small brightness namely among them one.

Small brightness ferial listen not to leave side, listening to a mobile phone also is to use earphone, abrupt one day small brightness discover him audition drops. After classics hospital audition detects, discovery is small brightness had appeared hearing loss.

Professor Wang points out, last in the sound stimulation of close quarters, can let tympanic membrane always be in mechanical movement condition, cause the exhaustion of aural cell and loss very easily, bring about aural cell and the ganglion nerve that are located in inner ear finally yuan death, cause tinnitus or deaf.

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