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Go out travel emergency treatment 6 small stick person
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Faint faint

Never move a patient at will right now, observe it whether is normal to its throb and breathe above all? If normal, can dab the patient is called aloud make its sober. If the patient does not have reaction to explain the case is more severe, should make a side of its head deflection is lowered a bit, head pose is admired after taking, massage emergency treatment with artificial breath and heart next.

Articulatory sprain

Avoid by all means instantly rub is kneaded massage, answer to make an appointment with 15 minutes with cold water or ice cube cold compress immediately. Next, tie close sprain place with handkerchief or bandage.

Angina pectoris

Have the patient of angina pectoris medical history, the amuse oneself outside going out should carry emergency treatment drug. If encounter somebody happening angina, cannot move a patient first, want to give monobel quickly to let its be contained at the tongue to fall.

Bravery angina

In travel road if absorb overmuch tall adipose with high protein food, cause acute bravery angina easily. The Ying Jing after the patient comes on lies at the bed, be in with hot-water bottle its are right on celiac hot compress, usable also big toe is oppressive and exciting sufficient 3 lis of point, ache in order to alleviate.


When some people are travelling as a result of eat and drink too much and cause pancreatitis. The patient after coming on should prohibit strictly watering with food. Usable big toe or forefinger are oppressive sufficient 3 lis, close the point such as cereal, ache in order to alleviate, ease a patient's condition and send a hospital in time cure.

Acute gastroenteritis

In travel as a result of food or water feculent, cause diseases of all sorts of path of acute stomach bowel extremely easily. Wait for a symptom like occurrence vomiting, diarrhoea and severe abdominal pain, but the medicaments such as element of acid of Pai of fluorine of profess to convinced, the rhizome of Chinese goldthread, or pat garlic broken take below.