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How does small long holiday select product of short-term travel insurance

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Of new 2008 off plan knock finally calm, threw into confusion many is used to that choose " 51 " the plan of go on a journey that the citizen of travel gives along with the group between gold circumference holiday. A findings report about the travel market 2008 shows, 5 3 days " small long holiday " demand of travel of the short distance in will be being aroused, and " drive oneself swim " the first selection that makes many tourists.

Insurance expert suggests, on the choice of product of short-term travel insurance, insurance period is best should be equal to or be more than a date of departure, usually, insurance rises period it is the zero hour from a day begins, if Lu Yang wants to came on December 30, 2007 on January 1, 2008 go on a journey, criterion insurance period is from December 30 zero hour begins to come on January 1 24 when stop.

In the meantime, drive oneself short-term travel chooses to be sure to should consider during swimming " car person is protected in all " .

Drive oneself swim should weigh " car person is protected in all "

Beautiful inferior the controller of department of insurance travel risk expresses, investigate an analysis according to them, the adjustment of new legal holiday will change people before off means, drive oneself swimming will be future one of viatic fashion that broad tourist favors.

To crowd of this one part, after buying insurance to the client, still should consider to love a car to cast protect. To this, many cars advocate thought to buy insurance to love car at ordinary times by accident, in driving You Tu oneself in case be or get out of danger also has insurance company " bury sheet " , actually, drive oneself during swimming, should accomplish " car person is protected in all " .

Insurance expert suggests, buy drive oneself swim safe, want to pay close attention to a car to carry the relative on property and car to whether be inside insurance coverage all the more. Like the car advocate cast only at ordinary times protected 3 person danger and car caustic danger, so, the person accident of other passenger on the property on the car and car is in without safeguard condition, once produce risk car main proper motion " bury sheet " , and in long-distance travel, on property loss and car other the risk that kisses friend happening accident is existence.

Accordingly, lv of the take an examination below this kind of circumstance covers the insurance of these two kinds of risks. But if car advocate ferial already cast protected " danger of the personnel on the car " , drive oneself in the choice swim when danger, want to consider risk of loss of the property on the car mainly.

Do not forget to pay close attention to special risk safeguard

Additional, to a lot of youths, go out during travel, hard to avoid can participate in the project of some of high risk, to this kind of special risk, a lot of travel insurance products are not included it is in safeguard limits, accordingly, give the citizen that these projects enlist of purpose between date of departure, whether did the most good-looking clear clauses include this kind of responsibility. And the citizen that gives priority to to swimming with lying fallow easily, also want to see clear clauses, avoid to guarantee the insurance cost with range is too big and needless overpay.

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