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Travel method ABC

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As people living standard rise ceaselessly, go out the person of travel is increasing. Somebody thinks " the land of country makes a person be intoxicated everywhere, visit return great achievements again and again " ; Somebody thinks " go hurriedly, return urgently, swim to swim to have only tired " . From above two kinds of disparate views look, travel also has trick, travel also should pay attention to some of method.

"Look "

It is ground of leave no stone unturned wants to find introduction of concerned tourist attraction or tourist guide material before visit, cultural relic of the tourist attraction that goes to preparation, historic site and course understand more as far as possible a few. Do not read concerned material light to rely on to imagine so that how be like He Mei, such, can aid the heighten that looks at a value for a long time only, look on the spot can feel disappointment and feel disappointed.

"Listen "

No matter be in which tourist attraction, you want those who notice personnel of listen respectfully tourist guide to explain. Because you see is exterior thing after all, and literary quotation or concerned fokelore is met more make the tourist attraction becomes gout is boundless.

"Write down "

It is a knowledge and visit experience write down the notebook that carrying. The clever chapter a poem of four lines of those scene and tourist attraction, alarm the Yan Guangnian of the world reads aloud is to write down not firm. Long and accumulate, this is brushstroke fortune, break up in the future, still meet remain fresh in one's memory.

2 it is to use camera to take commemorable place, see kinescope or photo afterwards, have the feeling of revisit a once familiar place quite. Those who master good travel method " look, listen, write down " , can make your travel happy and substantial certainly, have results greatly.

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