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Travel of spring outing vigilance is ill

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Spring comes, it is travel good time. Go out travel, must notice oneself is protected, beware mixed travel disease invades the body.

■ pollen is hypersensitive

Pollen allergy is caused by all sorts of tree or other floral pollen more, average performance appears for respiratory tract and eye ministry unwell symptom, like n&v snuffle, shed tears, sneeze, nasal cavity, canthus and whole body are scratchy, as similar as bronchus asthma; is serious person return meeting occurrence bosom frowsty, choke with resentment. Spring, the popular fastigium that summer, Qiu Sanji is pollen allergy, accordingly, allergic person had better not choose this period to go out travel, the weather that does not choose to have wind especially goes travelling. If need to go out, want medicaments of the desensitization on equipment, the Hailaming that be like benzene, chlorpheniramine.

■ travel bivouac disease

Some kid are in summer, autumn when travel, for covet cool, like outdoors bivouac. Result, awaking the following day is not to have a headache, giddy, it is ache of bellyacke, diarrhoea, limb, the whole body is unwell. Prevent travel bivouac disease, best method is to be absent field bivouac, if cannot find dwelling really, also should build a simple and easy tent, and bivouac place should choose to be in dry, ventilated, even place, had better choose southeast slope, when building shakedown, can look for some of hay to become " the mattress " , already moistureproof recover from fatigue.

■ littoral travel disease

Littoral air humidity is big, content of ion of the natrium in air is higher, the person that has pleurisy of hyperfunction of acute rheumatism, diabetic, thyroid function, oozy sex and heart failure is unfavorable go the seaside travels, can accentuate otherwise illness, contract disease of Shanghai bank travel.

■ burrow travel disease

In burrow admittedly cool, but any burrow can not go in casually, a few unfrequented grotto, bedraggled ancient tower, agelong and unmanned go, gloomy and cold and damp, as time passes, can create various bacteria, virus, tourist can be affected; and these places often still have serpent, bat to wait appear and disappear. Accordingly, go out travel does not see the hole is entered namely, want investigation to be clear about, lest get,harm.

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