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Female alone warmth of go on a journey is stuck person

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The female goes out outer travel, if go out alone -- still have a few sweet little hint so.

One, modern woman tourist goes travelling, already must not raunchy, a few makes up not only those who make you is itinerary add appearance variety, take a picture the effect of accept as a souvenir is especially good also, can keep better memory. But the travel outside going out is given priority to with making up, can use base of dry wet amphibious pink, add a lipstick enough.

2, take, more even scarf, it can distribute the clothes, make you " figure 100 change " , and do not take a place gently again again, can use pawn towel again. Finally, it still can wrap up baggage, really one content is multi-purpose.

3, the try out sample that can collect a few cosmetic in the department store usually, when suiting a journey most, use.

4, wear a ring, do not suffer you to those new man says gay, you had married, and the man that is expecting you.

5, enter a few article when shedding more complex hotel, want special caution, if bar staff wants you into the room number roar that live, you should ask another room, ask he keeps room number on paper.

6, a single woman has many give special treatment sometimes, when entering a few small hotel, can ask discount, very a long time also can succeed; Of course, when shopping same also. Use this well " prerogative " .

7, if you often are opposite,in the Maibumai on journey the thing has " struggle " if, can consider not to take certain clothing and other articles of daily use before travel, so, you but " be perfectly justifiable " the ground shopped.

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