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Shooting of bow of Long Gang yellow Bu
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Shooting of yellow Bu bow held water in May 2004, be located in hole of area of hillock of Shenzhen city dragon catalpa town and benefit in relief boundary, close Cheng of car setting out 50 minutes from cloth auspicious. Be use a woods high fence to surround, forest on the method that reoccupy net covers is surrounded build and become. Put inside shooting have pheasant, bunny, hua Ge, guinea fowl, mallard, chinese francolin, quail, the blame such as earthy dog is protected, or the wild animal that feeds technical maturity artificially. Chase using an arrow is according to period of age the Warring States Qi Guoshi troops fights to used bow is modelled on and be become, joy of dike of mud of form a complete set holds piscine item, let tourist Yao consider ancient period first the fishing and hunting of people lives.

This shooting huntings hunt area is 4500 square metre, tall Lin Mi is cultivated inside field, plant in one horn have bulrush, so that prey is avoided,pursue and attack, in order to increase interest sex, this area is the optimal area that is not professional personage to chase, again big tourist is hit do not wear feel disappointed, dozens again small rise to do not have a meaning too easily again. Bunny also is the hemp hare that buys from high price of Hubei hemp city, the hare that compare the home runs quickly, run slow than hare, suit bow to chase most project. Birds kind redemptive when inject instantly avian flu is vaccinal, can make sure birds bird is healthy, if need also can not put birds bird to enter the arena, only hunt bunny.

The project of form a complete set of this shooting has wading pool joy to hold fish and go angling item. Catch 30CM of piscine pool depth of water, be the sort of can catch a fish but not be very good the sort of caught deepness, the purpose is to make a tourist new experience a while when the happy mood of the sort of rapture that catchs a fish in mud dike.

Shooting is wild project, outside shooting only one chases hut, with canopy of two simple and easy bamboo, chase in order to reflect the primitive breath of the project, true hunter won't have too high demand to the environment. Bamboo canopy does prey chaffy dish and self-help barbecue to use for the tourist, pheasant, dove, the fowl such as Chinese francolin but self-help barbecue, bunny, dog, big fish can do self-help chaffy dish. If do not wish to start work, also can go to prey belt wine shop of go angling field, ask wine shop to be machined for you. Environment of go angling field is beautiful, wine shop and guest room can provide excellent service.

Collect fees method

For safe for the purpose of, this shooting deserves to have ballproof cap and bulletproof vest to every hunter, restrict number entering the arena to be every 10 people, in order to ensure safe.

Rate: Entrance ticket everybody is 35 yuan, the arrow is tasted for easy bad news, every raise 5 yuan, prey collects fees:  of Γ of Chinese torreya of outskirt Γ  washing with watercolors draws out  of ⒀ of the  that expend mark to fall Piao γ fears?0 yuan, hua Ge every 15 yuan, earthy dog every 150 yuan. Joy catchs a fish not to collect fees, catch the fish that have every 8 yuan () of become known crucian carp. Barbecue furnace and barbecue expect every cover 10 yuan.
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