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Area of scene of music of Shenzhen east god
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It borders east lake park and Shenzhen reservoir, circumference more than 50000 square metre, condition of emperor of hill of name of collect China earth at one place, collect Buddha of celestial being of history of an ancient name for China all gods Yu Yiyuan, occupy climate, favourable geographical position, support of the people, the epitome century that is the Chinese myth with many appearance, rich and colorful, tremendous amount of, of long standing and well established magnificent. The encyclopedia of culture of god of China of collect of Oriental god music, talked people to be familiar with again with a variety of artistic gimmick know, the 3000 immortals that there is major effect in Chinese folk 8 hundred Buddha, divide great respect area by day, ground, person, namely government office of day garden, ground, world.

Heaven and earth of recreation of Oriental god music with " on the west travel notes " for subject matter, share area of 6 great respect 30 many tourist attractions, cover an area of 30 thousand square metre, build modelling of 400 many setting, 200 many characters, phantom. Still set hole of government office of heavenly palace, ground, Long Gong, bewitching, garden of Buddha of hill of temple of sound of black bamboo forest, thunder, beautiful fruit, Western Paradise. Whole model is distinctive, original, have artistic quality. Reflected the essence of art of Chinese Buddha path, phantom, immortal. Have here " on the west travel notes " in the Tang Dynasty the bewitching hole in story of adventure of go on a pilgrimage for Buddhist scriptures of Western Paradise of monk division apprentice, the Yama king that true person is acted and phantom appear suddenly. And 141 meters panoramic picture depicted circumference the scene that Sun Wu makes heavenly palace greatly for nothing. Have cockfighting field and show of the field that fight a dog additionally the cockfighting, program that fight a dog, nervous stimulation.

Current, build more than 30 tourist attractions that open to the outside world to become an organic whole oneself, opened wide China of exploration, understanding enthusiasticly already to the tourist the first gate of traditional 5000 culture and secret culture.