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Park of sanded seaside of Shenzhen big plum
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Park of seaside of big Mei Sha, be located in bay of roc of Shenzhen the eastpart part. The back leans on fresh and green and forceful Chinese parasol mountain range, face vast brimless Nanhai, this seaside park invests build by the government, open freely to the tourist, the summer whenever on the weekend, recreational citizen comes with tourist bee, joyous sound laughs language was full of whole beach. ?

Park of big plum sanded seaside was 1999 one of 10 real issues that Shenzhen municipal government is run by the local people, she is located in magical and beautiful Nanhai bank, the eastpart part of special zone of the roc bay bank of scene charming and gentle, Shenzhen. Photograph of 3 green hill is embraced here, delay is widened among, overlook the lake at the same time, 1800 meters beach is enchased between blue sea of this green hill. Park of big plum sanded seaside condensed numerous domestic and international gardens to design the painstaking effort of the design firm with higher level. Among them firm of British ATKINS adviser is in charge of Dameisha piece plan in detail and always coordinate of the area, branch department of Shenzhen of designing institute of building of program of gardens of Beijing forestry university is in charge of the program of park of seaside of big Mei Sha designing, singapore SGD design and program company assume the building design inside the park, american SWA environment and landscape design firm assume what seaside of saline plum road watchs Jing Lu to seek advice. ?

The program of park of big plum sanded seaside designs hill of union of mature hill sea, screen to draw near the natural landscape advantage of the sea, with green the coco of join of view scene a covered corridor or walk that shade coronal builds cultivates bristly, flowers and plants group colourful size square gives priority to a line, with the lawn parking lot that Guan Dayin's thick France loquat is setting off one another, modelling those who have full-bodied seaside distinguishing feature is each different, tensioning film, elephant the ornament is in a Bai Yun between green hill green water, still have level ground of flowers and plants of dune oasis, compose, palm forest, formed beautiful and easy littoral travel environment.

Park of big plum sanded seaside divides field of natant area, motion division, recreational area, entertainment division, barbecue in all. Football of volleyball of the parachute on car of slippery water cableway, motorboat, beach, water, beach, beach waits for numerous You Le project, offer shopping centers, strong cool check, meal to supply, recreational Pin Ming, swim rental, security personnel, lifesaving, clean, wait for form a complete set to serve. Aureate beach, azure seawater, light weak Bai Yun, dark green chain of mountains, blast blast coconut wind, wave sweet flowers and plants, match the Bai Fan that nods with light music, dot, the kite of much appearance, formed stereo change the semi-tropical seaside view of feeling, bring natural and pure space for you, what serve the enthusiasm of life, life to you is satisfied. Park of big plum sanded seaside already became sightseeing of a collect to spend recreation of false, recreational travel, motion the travel resort at an organic whole. ?
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