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Beauty spot of hill of garden of Shenzhen horizontal hillock introduces
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Shenzhen outskirt is wild pick up an interest one day to swim handpick course

Travel agent zoology swims head choose a route -- tiger channel

"2006 Shenzhen person swims Shenzhen " activity, dragon hillock countryside lies fallow one day to swim one of tourist attractions

Scenery of hill of garden of Shenzhen city horizontal hillock visits an area to develop limited company to invest development by horizontal hillock economy, the benefit salt highway that is located in ministry of southeast of horizontal post of division of hillock of Shenzhen city dragon east side, the area is covered an area of to amount to 10 square kilometer inside scene area. North faces Long Gang, horizontal hillock leans on the west, bay of saline harbor roc is faced south, connect with 3 continent cropland east. Be apart from Shenzhen city to make an appointment with 20 kilometers, the brilliance that be apart from sand 9 kilometers, saline harbor 5 kilometers, be apart from Hong Kong to have only 60 minutes car Cheng, it is one place have not open hair, reservation completely the move is original the natural zoology beauty spot of open interest.

Close nature piece:

One, Gu Suxi of big Kang Xi: Canyon makes an appointment with 2.6 kilometers endlong, brook water is agelong and ceaseless, giant river pebble forms pool of beach, hole, stage, wall and brook, chute, river by accumulation cereal, spectacular. It is fashionable new campaign-----Brook of go against the river is in Shenzhen optimal place.

2, tiger channel is expeditionary: All the way the tourist attraction has channel of running water of 9 18 turns, high mountain, boar forest, tiger to fly garden of waterfall, lose, temple closing the Supreme Being, promise tree, Yang Mei forest.

3, mountain-climbing of goose fair hair worn in a bun or coil goes sightseeing: Make an appointment with by ascend of mountain-climbing main stem 40- - 50 minutes arrive at cliff of sightseeing of goose fair hair worn in a bun or coil, but panorama of hillock of bird's eye horizontal stroke, dock of bay of boat of maritime space of reservoir of city of center of area of hillock of Shenzhen downtown, dragon, 3 continent cropland, saline, Hong Kong. Edge mountain-climbing path can visit the Guan Jingyan, tourist attraction such as day of a gleam of,

Happy recreation piece:

One, the Eden on water: Make full use of rich, introduce spring brook water swim pool, let shed dripping spring catharsis body and mind, those who make the tourist enjoys nature is moist, of all sorts of slide that the setting inside garden has alarmingly dangerous to stimulate, carefree contented swim heaven and earth of paddle of pool and children.

2, field of car blocking man: The field of car blocking man that covers an area of 7000 ㎡, introduce racing car of Hong Kong, Macao meeting technology, have a variety of international kart, it is Shenzhen city exclusive the large competition ground of as can perfect as nature union.
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