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Groove guard of Shenzhen mangrove nature
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Be located in Shenzhen bay north east the mangrove of bank Shenzhen bayou is avian and natural groove guard, area 368 hectare, it is our country is located in the urban district exclusively, the natural groove guard with the smallest area, also be called by foreign zoology expert " pocket model groove guard " . Every year sandpiper of gull of aigret of white musical instrument, black mouth, small black base waits for 189 kinds, the change austral on 100 thousand Hou Diao hereat stop on the way for a rest or hibernate. Outside falling except mangrove flora inside groove guard, still have other 55 kinds of plants, 1000 appearance 100 condition. It is a covered corridor or walk of a green inside Shenzhen urban district, the seaside highway with back broad beauty, connect city an organic whole with seaside zoology park, face the Shenzhen bay that blue waves ripples, it is kingdom of the heaven that avian perch plays, floral not only, also be the people go for a walk in the country in spring, good place that enjoys amorous feelings of nature of sea of bird, view, experience.

1984, groove guard of mangrove of Shenzhen blessing cropland is founded formally, the gross area at that time is 304 hectare. Only an old road connects here, local fisherman uses follow to come down here base surround pound pisciculture, it is big big natural mangrove, orchard is mixed next other and natural forest. 1986, world wild living things (international) foundation chairman, flower infante of general of benefit of queenly husband humble, in flower queen is visited China when, designed south next Shenzhen, ascend the booth watching a bird of mangrove, full see view of Shenzhen bay wet ground. Denmark overcomes infante in go smoothly of husband of queenly of chairman of foundation of wild living things, Denmark also Ceng Yu 1989, in spirits ground comes here view bird, call mangrove " green bright phearl " .

Shenzhen mangrove can say is great reputation far sow, the global tourist that comes to Shenzhen now, several the mangrove that should go to littoral zoology park seeing coastal bank meandering, water bird in this live through the winter circle in the air the grand occasion of collect. Mangrove and groove guard of nature of Bu of Hong Kong rice one water be apart, formed the Shenzhen bay that has international sense jointly wet ecosystem, also become the scenery clue that distinguishing feature provides most on deep harbor border.