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Beauty spot of hill of collect lake phoenix tree
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Beauty spot of Chinese parasol hill is located in the eastpart part of Shenzhen special zone, lake of collect of over or across and sanded brilliance two areas, include east the partial field of arboretum of lake of lake park, celestial being and sanded brilliance forestry centre, area in all 31.8 square kilometer, it is a city that is landscape main body with hill body and natural vegetation outskirt is wild model natural beauty spot.

Chinese parasol Shan Weilian spends hill beyond arteries and veins, it is " installs one of 8 scene " newly on the history, have richer humanitarian landscape. Bridge of clear acting poet arranges the poem that chant to say: "Chinese parasol hill, gao Yitian, the winter comes autumn glow snow, cloud of the many smoke after rain. Establish person vie surprises in hill, the Zhu Long of verdant needs grass. "The vegetation in hill is good, the South Asia that belongs to a model is intertropical mixed forest of Chang Lukuo leaf, highest peak amounts to altitude 944 meters, it is the first height of Shenzhen city. Climate of region of Chinese parasol country is unpredicatable, mountain peak all the year round cloud and mist winds around- - light smoke of from time to time is weak, smoother of from time to time falls in the set off of blue sky into the lid, green vegetation rises and fall along with peak cereal, shanyeyi is exhibited plain, bold and unrestrained line, show the natural picture that gives a pure and fresh tune. ?

Chinese parasol hill graduallies northeast from southwest rise abruptly. In its on main ridge line, distributinging move 3 big the highest peak in a mountain range (altitude is 692 meters respectively, 706 meters, 944 meters) . From this uprise can look down at on the west Shenzhen urban district, south hill of as big as Hong Kong mist (altitude 958 meters) confront each other, to southeast overlook, the roc bay offing with vast mist-covered water and beautiful roc peninsula all stop eye ground.

Ridges and peaks of horn of north of Chinese parasol Shanxi rises and fall, gully freely, all the year round of mountain stream brook is incessant, distributing have big good vegetation, be personally on the scene has quite could there be and, honest natural aesthetic feeling.

The altitude austral Chinese parasol Shandong arranges 200 meters of place, the area makes an appointment with the reservoir on the favour of 2 hectare. Lake week landform is even and peaceful, vegetation is dense, lake water is clear, if your person is in in the picture, from this chain of mountains of close considerable large phoenix tree, far but bird's eye sanded brilliance is pressed down and sunken, duck continent and trigonometry chew take Hong Kong banyan color of luxuriantly green hill.