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Shenzhen is maritime the world
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"Maritime world " it is the luxurious yacht that a France builds, built 1962. Height 9, grow 168M, wide 21M, displacement is 14000 tons. China bought next this boats 1973, incognito for " Ming Hua annulus " , this annulus gave Shekou the industrial district by allocate and transfer of Guangzhou ocean transport company 1983. Shekou industrial district transforms the boat for hotel and public place of entertainment. Comrade Deng Xiaoping was ascended in January 1984 " Ming Hua annulus " it is " Ming Hua annulus " inscribe " maritime world " . "Maritime world " because this becomes one of travel tourist attractions with the famousest Shenzhen. Maritime world square is style of southern Asia gardens, side has large and marine live thing east group vulture, side leads to bathing place on the west.

In recent years, to get used to the development of tourism, "Maritime world " the project undertook a series of transform. Whole project by " Ming Hua annulus " with " seaside square " two parts composition.

"Ming Hua annulus " in all 9, floor area amounts to 17800 square metre. The scope of operations of Ming Hua annulus will cover fitness of large DISCO, nightclub, large wine shop, large sauna the omnibus recreation project such as center, maritime recreational center.

"Seaside square " building gross area amounts to 5500 square metre, use Europe to sink the square design of type, those who form surround the human nature that adds up to a space to be able to provide comfortable social situation, recreational recreation and communication for people to change a space; Whole square is built by the characteristic meal area of culture of cate of each country of the area of Western-style food bar that has different region amorous feelings alone, assemble and become.