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The window tourist attraction of Shenzhen world
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The window of the world, border " of " samite China and " of village of culture of " China folk-custom, cover an area of 480 thousand square metre, it is group of the brigade in Hong Kong is in Shenzhen (south a mountainous area) the division of scene of travel of another large culture that overseas Chinese city establishs. world marvellous spectacle, history vestigial, Gu Jin scenic spot, assemble of song and dance of natural scene, civilian house, sculpture, brushwork and folk-custom amorous feelings, folk one garden, emersion a wonderful world.

Scene area is mixed by world region composition visit mobile content cent to be street of garden of sculpture of division of entertainment of area of world square, Asia, ocean state division, Europe area, Africa area, America area, modern science and technology, world, international area of 9 great respect, built-in have 118 tourist attractions.

Include pyramid of world-renowned landscape Egypt, A to cheat fane, Kampuchea among them those of triumphant arch of male lion of big gorge of Wu Ge hole, United States, Paris, Vatican emperor gets the cathedral, India inclined tower of pizza of opern of Sydney of Tai Jiling, Australia, Italy is waited a moment. These tourist attractions part with 1:1, 1:5, 1:15 wait for different scale copy to build, delicate unsurpassed, lifelike. Imposing manner of some tourist attractions is very grand. If narrow,be 1/3 proportional France iron tower of dust humble Er, 108 meters tall, imposing towers aloft, tourist can arrive by panorama lift cat head, full see Shenzhen city and Hong Kong view. Contractible Ni Yajia pulls cataract bizygomatic breadth to have more than 80 meters, fall more than 10 meters, current flying have diarrhoea, roaring shake day, impetus huge. Gush spits the Hawaiian volcano of magma and 100 meters of fountain, your tourist acclaim as the peak of perfection. Regard the world of center of scene area activity as square, can contain a visitor more than 10000 people, the front has 10 honour world-renowned sculpture, square all around towering aloft the big stone column of 108 different styles and the anaglyph wall of nearly more than 2000 square metre, still have 6 of old and civilized birthplace indicative world gigantic doors, a luxuriant arena, perform the artist that has world each district wonderful program, let a tourist be enjoyed to the top of one's bent in culture and artistic atmosphere.

In a full-bodied litchi garden, have more than 50 honour world name carve, if " makes an appointment with writing · discus of Strauss monumental " , " person " of thinker of " of Baal of Apollo of " , " , " , image is dramatic, lifelike. All ready of facilities of the transportation inside scene area, have wear one-track annulus travelling block, tourist car high, carriage of archaic Europe type, jeep surpasses car of circus wagon, lord, raft of odd paddle wooden vessel, rubber, view and admire mobile establishment for what the tourist offers a variety of interest. International street traffic serves an area, with Europe, Asia, Mohammedan wait for civilian house to build a style to give priority to body, collect cathedral, market, street at one place, it is to offer visitor small the place that rest and shops. Can taste the big eat of the different gust such as savor France, Italy, Austria, Russian, Japan, Thailand, Korea here, reach German beer, Hawaiian ice cream. Return an assemble souvenir of handicraft of exquisite of world each country, travel, full of beautiful things in eyes, offer tourist choose and buy. Every time curtain of night arrives, put at the beginning of colorfully decorated lantern, show again inside scene area give another kind of attractive exotic emotional appeal. The nocturnal " skill with the orgiastic " that comprises by world nation song and dance and folk-custom program is great make one's rounds swims, promote activity of scene area pleasance to the climax.
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