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Hong Kong self-help swims
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Hong Kong (Hongkong) it is a young city, it is a town that fills miracle and myth, it is a city that makes a person extremely excited. The recreation of the life of the building of world-class, fast rhythm, fashionable fashionable is enjoyed, protruding of all without exception reveals the Jing colourful glamour of this city.
Hong Kong is the heaven of a life, the joy with sundry collect at one ground. Be in Hong Kong, can view and admire beautiful natural scene already, a variety of enjoyment that what can obtain commercial culture to bring again; Already can dip excessive is in the corporeal indulge in creature comforts of fashionable society, also can review the Piaozhen way of life of old age likewise.
Hong Kong also is a city that having romaunt. Arrive from the little fishing village of an unknown to public flourishing city, carry out to the first from colony " one nation " place, what Hong Kong experienced the history is changeable, hong Kong is more mature, more included.
"Move of feeling " Hong Kong is the focus that people fixes eyes upon, it is the place that people experiences the life.

Hong Kong self-help swims, go to Hong Kong travelling, optimal time is annual 10-11 month.
Hong Kong belongs to semi-tropical climate. Hong Kong year average air temperature is higher, amount to 22.8 degrees, weather suffers monsoon effect easily, the four seasons is trenchant.
Travel to Hong Kong, spring can wear light jacket or sweater. The summer is burning hot and damp, can appear sometimes brash and thunderstorm, take skirt of qualitative clothing of some of short shirt, cotton, still should prepare coat and rain gear. Autumn wind He Rili, wear shirt, sweater and light jacket aptly. Winter is dry a bit cold, choice suit, thin sweater, coat is more appropriate.
Should noticing particularly is, annual the last ten-day of a month came in May in September the middle ten days of a month, the typhoon that is Hong Kong is seasonal. Usually, 3 class typhoon does not give far door, and the business place such as the shop when 8 class typhoon, bank should close, this time had better stay in the room.

The traffic inside city
The vehicle of Hong Kong is very much, take rise to also do not have interest. Electric car of double deck bus, double deck has distinguishing feature alone, the ferry of the subway and connective haven is fast and convenient. Take that kind to be able to appreciate the different experience that is in Hong Kong, different feeling to suffer.

Bus: The bus shares more than 500 route in Hong Kong island, 9 dragon, new Territories, it is the main and onshore vehicle of Hong Kong, all areas of island of join Hong Kong, 9 dragon, new Territories. If hand in the main tool that connect with water -- ferry join rises, hong Kong can become narrower rise.

Small bus: Those who be in the place that Hong Kong joins big bus does not go is small bus. This kind of Xiaoba has two kinds of kinds: One kind is maize automobile body takes red line, another kind is green line of belt of maize automobile body. Former be place setting out and terminus had set, each car has walking line different. Besides the place of bus stop and no parking, the others place can fluctuate car. Also wait without run time, route chart. Hong Kong person always is the Xiaoba that used his to use be used to. Fare is more agile also, pay fee before getting on a car more. Although keeping tariff,be in before the door, but price of more adjacent and terminal ticket shows downtrend more. Normally fare is 2, 8 Hongkong dollar. Big and soft can search 0. Normally, maize automobile body takes the Xiaoba of green line, its line has provided. Fare 2-5 Hongkong dollar, do not search 0. Take Xiaoba very simple, beck jockeys. One cries when getting off " interview this " , the driver does it with respect to meeting brandish, express to understand, the car can rely on Zun Ting to fall.
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