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61 close child You Huan Le Gu
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Happy cereal is new generation of overseas Chinese city park of large travel theme, cover an area of a face to accumulate 170 thousand square metre, it is mixed with modern science and technology brand-new and recreational idea, built view and admire, exciting, amuse oneself, participate in, the contemporary recreation atmosphere that the experience holds in all. Cartoon city glows, shed full Tong Qu; Arctic and expeditionary surprise is folded piece; Walk out of Jurassic danger to be born like annulus; Gout of children food processing factory and functional give attention to two or morethings; Cartoon theater joy and knowledge coexist; Adventurous hill is commanding, alarmingly dangerous is exciting; Space shuttle passion experiences, unforgettable all one's life; Have in seaborne river a place difficult of access danger, be unexpected rescued from a desperate situation; Affection of happy island idle refined taste, Yun Dantian is tall; Ma elegant beach uses secret ancient culture, amorous water irregular change to give a magical world; Every time curtain of night arrives, the magical and decorous large and magic pantomime in happy theater " happy MD " will bring a visitor endless mix amazedly transcendental enjoyment; The happy ave of scene of debauchery, make you sufficient appreciate point of name of Chinese and Western, lamplight night fair and bar built happy cate culture.