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The window of Shenzhen world swims one day
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The window of the world is located in inside the overseas Chinese city of Shenzhen bay bank, cover an area of 480 thousand square metre. She is a tenet with promoting world culture, world marvellous spectacle, history vestigial, Gu Jin scenic spot, assemble of civilian song and dance one garden, with " you give me one day, I give you a wonderful world " for the appeal, built a wonderful and wonderful world. The window scene area of the world differentiates by 5 continent, appearance of thousand of as common as street of garden of sculpture of world square, world, international, Jurassic heaven and earth form is 10 thousand condition, wonderful the world of unsurpassed. 118 tourist attractions press copy of different scale freedom to build, choiceness is chic, lifelike, your tourist acclaim as the peak of perfection. If say each tourist attraction of the window of the world is first one caky symphonic poem, so the folk-custom performance that extraordinary splendour confused shows is an amorous feelings picture of an activity. Go up at the beginning of colorfully decorated lantern every time, the large song and dance that performs in world square and orgiastic make one's rounds swim, it is the theme of the window of a world more- - " world and you in all happy " expression gets incisively and vividly.

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