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City of recreation of lake of sweet honey of brief introduction Shenzhen

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Tourist attraction introduction

City of recreation of sweet sweet lake is located in area of heart of tanaka of blessing of Shenzhen special zone, rely on Gong Li closely on the west way highway. Set inside multinomial the machine of entertainment of large keep in reserve that introduces from Japan and Italy. The double-loop switchback that has alarmingly dangerous stimulation and giant skyscraping annulus and project of of all kinds You Le, have Education Foundation of adventure playground, teenage physical ability.

Modelling of great theater of sweet sweet lake is distinctive, imposing manner is grandiose, have private room 1415, it is the theater with the at present largest size of Shenzhen city audience, also be Shenzhen first travel nods a theater surely, appropriate show is of all kinds and literary program, hold all sorts of big, medium-sized conferences and activity of gam of friendship of of all kinds couplet to wait. We will offer best price for you, first-class service, welcome you and each enterprise or business, manufacturer to form a delegation visiting amuse oneself!

Entrance ticket explains

The adult buys a ticket: Dumpling?0 yuan / person; holiday 70 yuan / person.

Height buys half-price ticket; 1.2 meters to 1.4 meters of the following children and 60 years old of old people

Height 1.4 meters (contain 1.4 meters) above buys full;

Old person of above of 65 one full year of life can look around freely into garden by Id.

Fare of * organization privilege: 20-99 person, buy an adult to cover a bill 9 fold, ferial 54 yuan, holiday 63 yuan of;

100-299 person, buy an adult to cover a bill 8.5 fold, ferial 51 yuan, holiday 59.5 yuan of;

300-499 person, buy an adult to cover a bill 7.5 fold, ferial 45 yuan, holiday 52.5 yuan of;

500 people above, buy an adult to cover a bill 7 fold, ferial 42 yuan, holiday 49 yuan.

(Note: Machine of entertainment of large keep in reserve can play each by entrance ticket, routine overhauls except. Routine overhauls except..

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