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Door shopping mall introduces east

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Door shopping mall is the shopping centre with Shenzhen most long history east. Before 13 years, door business street basically is a few small vendor's stand, butcher is being managed east, management commodity also is with cheap give priority to. Now, the course transforms east door business street has become collect to shop, lie fallow to go sightseeing with travel the new-style shopping mall at an organic whole, there is the market of large general merchandise such as bazaar of rainbow of general merchandise of luxuriant course of study, day not only inside block, still multiform brand shop waits. New " east the door " regard China as market of 18 main business row among them. According to east the newest statistic number that division government office provides door commerce shopping mall: At present new " east the door " discharge of average day guest amounts to 300 thousand person-time, discharge of holiday day guest amounts to 500 thousand person-time. New " east the door " year turnover amounts to 4.5 billion yuan.

East the traffic of the door

Shenzhen person habit says for " old east the door " Shenzhen old street forms Yu Ming acting metaphase, cry again " Shenzhen old ruins " . Present east door old street is located in a sector of an area of center of Luo Hu area, north comes establish new way, deep Na Donglu comes south, the road in Dong Zhidong door, new garden road reachs on the west. The crossed ave that old street forms with emancipatory road with street of scene of people north road is core, freely of lane of periphery small market interweaves, way way is interlinked, suit to shop on foot very much.

Door old street is shared east important and street 15, among them north and south moves toward 7: The road in Wenjin, Eden road, east the road in the door, people north road, new garden road, people park road, construction road; The thing moves toward have 8: Bamboo shoot hillock east the road of road, flood dragon lake, road that bask in cloth, establish Bei Lu of new way, resurgence road, emancipatory road, lake, deep Na Donglu. East every road of the door is lively and extraordinary, perforative east the door is mid the main artery of north and south east the road in the door is heavy traffic more, will crossing emancipatory road underground in the Shenzhen subway of construction build, east the door brings into network of whole town subway.

East the establishment of the door

The public service facilities that the area built door shopping mall to perfect east. Rest like what cabinet and convenient call-box, log makes everywhere of canister of seat, rubbish is visible. Inside block at the same time specially created comfort station. The ATM automatic ATM inside old street lets a citizen take a few pieces of banks to get stuck only, how can set his mind at the heart shopped. Old street has 3 hospitals, if be located in the courtyard of the outpatient department of hospital of collect lake people by general merchandise of luxuriant course of study, health care of women and children that is located in people north road to wait, a lot of civilian medical treatment clinic also the place of can urgent citizen needs.
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