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Samite China brief introduction

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Samite China reposes in the Shenzhen bay bank with beautiful scene. The solid Jing Wei that it is amorous feelings of building of history of China of a report, culture, art, ancient time and nation shrinks scene area, also be the tourist attraction on eye preexistence bound most small shrink one of scene areas, cover an area of? 450 mus. Tourist attraction of nearly 100 place distributings according to Chinese area domain roughly, it is the epitome with Chinese natural scene and humanitarian pithy history. Have bridge of city of tomb figure of military forces of hill of Great Wall, the Qin Dynasty, Zhao, Gu Guanxing chute of stage, the Imperial Palace, happy Shandafo, round Mo Gao hole of bright garden, Dunhuang, the Potala Palace, stone forest, yellow hill, yellow fruiter, , and the place that has ethical amorous feelings civilian house. In addition, the custom of marriage funeral espouse of the occasion with big marriage of day of imperial hold a memorial ceremony for, smooth mood, sacral Confucian temple and folk all is shown at the moment. You can be in China is appreciated in the day 5000 historical wind and cloud, have a good swim land of samite of great river north and south. ?

Samite China is small shrink 82 tourist attractions inside scene area all distributing by Chinese domain position, scale presses for the most part 1: 15 duplicate, more than 50000 inside area of strewn at random Yu Jing lifelike Tao Yi Lilliputian and animal, racily emersion the building with disparate style of Chinese multinational country, life is consuetudinary with local customs; Scene area with " beautiful world, green world, beautiful world " for the target, craft of Chinese traditional miniascape and contemporary gardens art perfect union, can calls Chinese gardens artistic example. "History of one pace stride, one day has a good swim China " the vivid portraiture that is samite China. Be located in scene area east the samite China of side feeds name of the world of government office assemble to eat, bead couplet wall combines the traditional food culture with its distinctive building color and Chinese broad and profound nation, lane of bean curd of sweet building of Dai of broadleaf plant leaf, old king. The storefront that the show austral barbecue of King Kong Shan Gaoli, mountain feeds wine shop of the Huaihe River of street, the Qin Dynasty to wait to have ethical distinguishing feature extremely is dispersed in Suzhou street, good view is delicate make stream of people forgets to return repeatedly.

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