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3 inferior the remotest corners of the earth

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The remotest corners of the earth visits an area to be located with Chinese southernmost 3 inferior city 26 kilometers are in outskirt on the west, this scene area basically is to have intertropical beach granite beauty spot, shopping area and go vacationing village composition, compositive and intertropical marine scene, the history is vestigial, china folk-custom culture is the travel beauty spot of an organic whole.  
"Tian Yizhu " is all of clear acting announce allegedly south year a cliff city book of place of ladder of Fan Yun telling a state. "Antecedents of Tian Yizhu " still has fokelore south. According to legend a long time ago, after hill water the Li nationality has two fairy to know secretly descend to the world, establish a body in Nanhai, show for local fishing home boat hits fishing. King mother empress or imperial concubine of the first rank is angry, mother of thunder of clique Thunder God catchs them to go back 2 people do not agree, stone of melt into double peak, be broken off to be two cut, one cut drops the sea around Li An in, one cut flies to skyline by, become " of the Tian Yizhu austral today's " . Ancient first civilian " local day is round " , think the earth is quadrate, reason has southeast northwest view, the day is round, day basket is being built " all directions earth " , earth southeast northwest has 4 to propping up a sky with post respectively, such Na Tianyi lean on a stick catered to the local day of people to say roundly. People sees this " Na Tianyi lean on a stick " can need not fear the day wants to collapse collapse comes down.
What the rear design of the two round RMBs of 1986 edition uses is this " Na Tianyi column " scenery graph.
Blue sky of water of here green jade is monochromatic, mist-covered water grand writings brush, sail shadow is nodded, coconut forest dancing, strange stone forest stands, then quarter have: "The megalithic hero such as " of the day austral Hainan of " of the Tian Yizhu austral " of cape of skyline " , " , " , " stands erect seaside, make whole situation Ou Rushi picturesque, the United States has get the better of close, according to account, "Skyline " problem is engraved, it is city of the cliff between clear acting Yong Zhengnian book of place of sagacious of Cheng telling seat of government.
The antecedents of the name of the tourist attraction: In ancient time traffic is disadvantageous, here is far from Central Plains, it is the ground of unfrequented pretty barren, archaic monarch often regards banish as here " go against me " place. The ford of person postscript hill that is exiled comes to here, facing boundless and indistinct sea, they were given out " arrived the limit of the day, the horn of the sea " plaint. Between clear acting Yong Zhengnian, sagacious of local official Cheng was engraved here at life person " skyline " 2 words, there is bookman to inscribe " of quarter " cape on another megalith again after 2 words, evermore, the wind tourist attraction with one place famed the world is become here.
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