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Area of scene of travel of small plum sanded seaside introduces

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Element has " east is Hawaiian " beautiful praise area of scene of famous seaside travel - - small Mei Sha is located in bay of roc of Shenzhen the eastpart part. Xiaomei is sanded encircle of 3 green hill, one side seawater is azure, the beach is enchased like one curved crescent between Lan Tianbi wave. What she does not have busy streets is flourishing with blatant, have beautiful sunshine, beach and ocean wave however. Her annulus sea beach delays continous a thousand li, bathing place is clean and open, the sea blue waves of orchid color 10 thousand just, flourish coco cultivates the dance since dancing. Scan widely looks, littoral beach is gotten by bright-coloured sun umbrella deck colourful, houseboat plows a spoondrift, parachute broadens with the wind, billow of mound continent island takes a bank, bonfire of field of 1000 people barbecue is aglow. Small Mei Sha is so colour is lively, exuberant, do not make a person how relaxed and happy, enjoy oneself so much as to forget to leave. ?

Shenzhen city sends small Mei Sha especially travel center be subordinate to belongs to Shenzhen to send a group especially, be located in bank of bay of roc of Shenzhen city the eastpart part, from downtown 30 kilometers, draw near according to hill the sea, lie between sea facies to look with Hong Kong, green hill encircle, sea nature is uniform, the environment is beautiful. Travel center is founded 1984, always cover an area of a face to accumulate 3.58 square kilometer, among them maritime space area 1.3 square kilometer. Tourist can enjoy the recreational activities on the stimulation such as motor boat of solar seawater bath, motor, slippery billow, sail board, interesting water to the top of one's bent on more than 1000 meters long beach, still set hall of SamSung class hotel and racing bicycle, fire, singing and dancing, card to pull OK, gust at the same time fastfood wait for a variety of service projects, it is resort of travel of our country southern seaside. ?

The development of small Mei Sha has 10 old histories, it is one of 10 great respect districts of whole town. The sea blue waves of its blue 10 thousand lis, sandiness whiteness is exquisite, bathing place is clean and open. To make the small Mei Sha now more beautiful, should go vacationing the beach seawater cleaning squad that the village established to be comprised by 50 people recently, have overall level to bathing place regularly, clear, everyday Qing Dynasty collects a beach sundry, in salvaging water algal with floater, in order to assure the cleanness of beach and seawater. ?

Travel center manages guiding principle to basically be given priority to with travel service, trade, project is industrial wait for much direction to develop; At present 2 class unit has company subordinate 5: Big public house of small plum sand, small Mei Sha goes vacationing village, auspicious profit is industrial limited company, listen billows project of guesthouse, marine world (already at official on June 25, 1999 start business) . Capital total exceeds 300 million yuan, 97 years of turnover 8 ten million yuan, annual recieves a guest to exceed 1 million person-time, be judged to be company of first-class travel of Guangdong province and Shenzhen city. 97 years selected " roc city 10 scene " .
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