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Shenzhen Gold Coast Tourism Festival come to an end
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Sound waves and listening to fun music hit the beat, watching the blue sky with kites echo swaying, yacht and enjoy the sea with wave by wave. In City, Yantian District leaders and the relevant units of care, support and all tourism enterprises, the active participation of all sectors of society, which took the ninth month in Shenzhen Gold Coast Tourism Festival has been successfully concluded, the Gold Coast to promote the tourism industry in eastern development, to build "an international seaside tourism city" played a positive role. Carefully organized the first successful implementation of the operation of the market As the ninth Gold Coast Tourism Festival organizers in Shenzhen, Yantian District, the district government organizations work on a careful and thorough deployment. To give full play to boost the off-season festival the role of the tourism market to ease the traffic, security pressures, decided this year to extend the time for tourism festival held in late October. In the preparation and implementation process, by the city, Yantian District departments, leadership and social aspects of the active cooperation and support. Tourism Festival Organizing Committee plan carefully, carefully arranged, the District Management of Social Security Office, the Tourism Bureau, Health Bureau, Construction Bureau, Meisha street, Da Meisha Beach Parks Department and the salt police, traffic police and other units of Tourism Festival Organizing Committee in strict accordance with the "division of work program," the specific requirements, try their best and go all out, work together to ensure the safety of the activities, successfully held, to achieve a "safe, quality, order and efficiency," the four-unification, the basic to the original set goals to do section. It is understood that the present organization of tourism festival there is a major feature that was first adopted for the market operation mechanism. This year, the committee specifically to the country's creative industry base (Shenzhen Park) Beach Music Festival as one of the organizers, in the limited field range, limited time and limited activities under the premise of the number of visitors to fully market-oriented mode of operation by to host the Beach Music Festival, Beach Music fans not only provide a higher level, richer content of the music festival, but also conducive to the beach music festival organizer through this platform selection, training, packaging, performance and a series of activities will be items originally distributed as a complete industrial chain training, and then selected out of these new bands and singers to the market, and gradually move towards industrialization. During this time held the Fourth China (Shenzhen) International Boat Show in the market also made good results. According to incomplete statistics, the major exhibitors during the Boat Show has been the intention of selling or yacht sales reached a total of more than 40, while a large number of yacht related equipment orders, turnover of up to 5 billion turnover intention 7.5 billion, creating high, in similar boat show in the top of the list. Boat Show on the opening day, it was set up in Shenzhen International Boat Trade Expo Dameisha center for yacht manufacturers, yacht exhibition set senior players, trading, design, management, high-end services, professional services in one place. In addition, the Outlet Shopping Village Dameisha planned launch of the new 2010 Dameisha Outlet shopping carnival world famous, not only to lead the general public and tourists into the current retail formats of the more popular Aote Lai Sri Lanka (Shopping Village), experience the world's top brand clothing, but also enjoy a music video coming from the sleek, world famous shopping carnival. Six colorful event highlighting a theme Ninth Shenzhen Gold Coast Tourism Festival from the People's Government of Yantian District, City Sports and Tourism Bureau co-sponsored, government-led, community participation and market operation for the organization, fully reflect the tourism and culture, trade, combination of physical activity. Careful planning committee organized the sixth Shenzhen (Dameisha) Beach Music Festival, the fifth Dameisha International Kite Festival, the Fourth China (Shenzhen) International Boat Show, 2010 Dameisha World famous shopping outlets carnival, OCT East "Swiss style plot, great every day - the theme of tourism business activities carried out 6 major themed events. 6 major events closely," Harmony salt mountain and ocean recreation, "the theme , in the highlight on the basis of marine culture, emphasizing performance, participation, leisure and entertainment, tourism enriches the cultural connotation of the Gold Coast, Gold Coast Tourism to enhance the image, and achieved good social and economic benefits. October 29, held the evening of the ninth Shenzhen Gold Coast Tourism & Sixth Shenzhen (Dameisha) Beach Music Festival opening night, the wolf, Lei Tang and so with "the same table for you," "lilac "and other familiar songs, and live audience of nearly 3,000" remote call corresponding "to form a warm, cheerful interaction. Best hot hip-hop performances, the audience is the passion burning, the applause continued. 3 consecutive days of Shenzhen (Dameisha) Beach Music Festival, is a theme day, this wonderful scene radiance. At the opening day at the theme of "sky, One World, One Dream" Dameisha 2010 Fifth International Kite Festival, the ninth section of the Shenzhen Gold Coast Tourism has a wide range of people of influence and a certain international reputation An event activity. Have launched the "Love Parade kite school," "Youth Kite Competition", "International Kite Flying Festival," "people flying", "kite culture Photo Competition", "DIY kite teaching" a variety of topics such as activities, and Shenzhen stunt kite demonstration team showing women "beautiful graceful butterflies flying" stunt, it is memorable. More than 200 children participated in kite competitions and kite photography competitions, and a national treasure in China brought the kite master Li Xiaohu "will turn the car wheels, will be smoke in the air train" dynamic kite is compelling. International Boat Show was also held during the "Night of Hainan Airlines" Celebrity Dinner and the "Golden Sail Award" awards show, the waterfront city and ocean culture of China Development Forum, yacht sailing "test ride experience" activities, Navigation Lectures yacht gallery picture show, yacht model contest, international yacht sailing agents at the reception and bold avant-garde performances and contemporary art, body painting exhibition, and other activities. Who has participated in several Gold Coast Tourism Day Tourism Festival visitors to the impression that the current reviews are: activities more colorful, more distinctive than the previous forms of activities. Particularly to the world famous shopping outlets are also to dissolve in the carnival which opened visitors to participate and enjoy the new world in promoting the depth and breadth of tourism festival, enrich its content is a useful attempt and innovation. Is true, the current Tourism Festival with a series of content-rich camera, with a clear theme, financial performance, entertainment as one of the activities. Dameisha month the world famous shopping outlets carnival, more than 30 leading operating Outlets, gathered, including fashion and sportswear, underwear, children's clothing, leather goods, luggage, footwear, glasses and other domestic well-known brands, brings together the "rice is not the show" Meet hadrons, magic baby live performances, open-air music show and the Miss Tourism International city tours and many fun colorful programs, so that the "desolation" the long-lake Dameisha popular island in the center overwhelmed. Exciting every day - the theme of tourism enterprises to carry out activities such as exciting launch of a plan of OCT East theme of water, about the origin of life, education, human protection of the ecological environment, promote human civilization and nature of large symbiotic Shueisiou fantasy epic "secret." Coupled with a clear theme of the Swiss folk song and dance performances and mass participation program, an array of Swiss goods, food, and theme each other, so that visitors here Ambilight Enjoy the joy of a feast. Further advance the degree of scale to enhance the international Shenzhen Gold Coast Tourism Festival this year is not only more international theme events, and the number of participating countries and regions have increased over previous years. Central, provincial, municipal and Hong Kong, more than 30 enthusiastic attention and media coverage. International Kite Festival Dameisha increasingly international, from the first session of the 8 countries and regions to the current United States, France, Germany, New Zealand, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, India, Indonesia, Cambodia , Hong Kong, Macau, Chinese Taipei and other 18 countries and regions, more than 30 teams, totaling more than 200 professional athletes, many of them top international Zheng Tan kite master and world-class masters. China (Shenzhen) International Boat Show, founded in 2007 just a few years since the implementation of the triple well: First, access to national competent authorities, was upgraded to the Boat Show Guo Zihao; Second, success and Europe's largest boat show organizers of the French water GPO cooperation, greatly increased the degree of internationalization; third is left with the good reputation of previous exhibition, the breeze and the momentum of rapid growth in investment work continuity, from the first session of the 51 exhibitors and the 21 participating yachts were now increased to 131 exhibitors (205 brands) and 110 yachts (including the land 25, water 85) exhibition, the overall size of an average annual increase of 30% or more. In addition, there is a significant tourism festival this feature is effective in promoting strong combination, better play the positive effect of the festival activities. Entitled "China WATER BOAT SHOW" the reputation of China (Shenzhen) International Boat Show, through the GPO in 2009 the first attempt of the French cooperation, this year signed a long-term strategic cooperation agreement, also successfully, and China Merchants Bank, Penn Lee cars, golf and Dynasty Fine Wines JUVENIA cooperation, not only brought directly to the exhibition board of many high-end customers experience the yacht out to sea, but also through the strong brand appeal to attract the Fok Ying Tung Fok Sun, founder of Yang Guoqiang, Country Garden, because straight out l Defeat the enemy aircraft and boats to assist the police and the nationally known and a number of Dongguan Bo right here at home and abroad Dameisha rich Gulf. Shenzhen (Dameisha) Beach Music Festival as a cultural brand, Shenzhen City, one of the top ten, won the first 26 Grand Canal Shenzhen World University Games Executive Board authorized the use of the Shenzhen Universiade emblem, mascot, core graphics and other intellectual property and selection of the Grand Canal for the Universiade Village Band, and music and became a strategic partner QQ, QQ music web video broadcast by the Beach Music Festival, to nearly a million online users and audience to appreciate the wonderful performances Beach Music Festival . In the ninth section of the Shenzhen Gold Coast Tourism Conference summing up the work, Yantian District, the official said, although the current tourism festival ended, but how can the event, the scale and form of expression more innovative, how can Beach Music Festival this year in the process of market operation experience to promote, to overcome the problems identified in a timely manner in order to attract more attention to tourism enterprises and social forces, support and participate in the Tourism Festival in the past, the tourism festival really do into a national branding campaign to better the combined effect of play Tourism Festival, also need to work further explore new ideas, innovative means to gradually enhance the improvement of the future and strive to do the Gold Coast Tourism Festival was better.