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Torch delivers Alamutu begin to will have skiing equestrian deliver
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Dispatch emperor fire already was in time of Beijing of net of Olympic Games official to arrived at Alamutu yesterday on April 2, will undertake 6 hours here deliver today. Rear the reporter that pursues even line body in A Lamu for a short while, ask him to introduce local latest news.

We had confirmed torch delivers a ceremony to will be controlled at 12 o'clock local time tomorrow begin.

A large dams that the ceremony will pursue in A Lamu is held, as a result of over there it is a mountainous area place, deliver those who have a distinguishing feature over, it is hand of the 3rd torch can undertake ski deliver.

The reporter sees Alamutu when the plane descends all round city the snow that there is a lot of on mountain peak, this also is it compares distinctive place. Today, the part is delivered is in hill road ran is delivered, arrive probably 12:40 when, hand of the 10th torch can undertake skating delivering, the ice-sports project because of Kazakstan Si Tan special develop.

Local time afternoon 1:30 when hand of the 40th torch can undertake the torch of autocycle is delivered, the reporter eats lunch to rest later, turn in the city to deliver next.

The reporter can see in Alamutu's city deliver for torch built a lot of structures temporarily, there are a lot of catchphrases on the street, can see everywhere " Beijing 2008 " model of written characters.

Controlled the celebration activity that can hold to deliver an end at 17 o'clock local time probably this afternoon, there still is a distinguishing feature before the activity is equestrian deliver, pass 600 meters of right-and-left spaces probably, because Kazakstan nation is the nation on horseback.